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Originally Posted by Sweets
...Please start praying!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sending prayers your way, Sweets.~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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I will light a candle...prayers coming her way.
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I'm confused. They THINK the infection has spread? Spread further into her bone marrow????? Or in her body???

Her fever is a sign of the original infection but the antibiotics WILL help.

You didn't say, what kind of surgery she's having? Please fill us in as soon as you can, please!
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Mega good thoughts coming your way, by FED EX, overnite!
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Taking a few minutes out to think of you and send some positive vibes your way.
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Sandy, Prayers for your Mom. So sorry she's been going through all this - and you as well.
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Your mother is in my thoughts.
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OMG! What a ride she's had on the rollercoaster of life! I hope things get better soon *lots of Vibes*
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and good vibes.
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Lots of good vibes coming at your mom from me!
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Good morning. Remind me next time my sister calls and gives me emergancy news, to verify it with someone else!

She told me that Mom was going in right away for emergancy surgery. WELL, that wasn't so true. The surgeon had a full day scheduled so he was going to take her in last. It wasn't the kind of surgery that would kill her if it
wasnt done right then and there...like a ruptured something. So I go running
to the hospital, cut some little old man off who wanted the same parking spot, go flying up to the room, to sit there for the entire day while we wait for the OR to clear. She didn't go into surgery till 8pm last night. He finally
came out to see us at 9:45.
The doc cleaned out 2 abcesses, put in 2 drains, removed the internal battery pack and flushed everything with antibiotic solutions. She's back on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks.

Thank you everyone for your prayers! We have a wonderful community on here! She still has a while before she will be out of the hospital, but she is a fighter. I'll give you progress reports as things progress.

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Sandy thats great to hear!

Don't be too hard on your sister though!. It's been a worrying time for all of you and you can never think straight at times like this.

I hope she's now on the road to recovery!
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I'm glad things went well and hope it will continue to do so and she'll be feeling better soon. How are you holding up with all this?
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Wow, what a roller coaster..........my good vibes are still coming your way!
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Originally Posted by Rita
I'm glad things went well and hope it will continue to do so and she'll be feeling better soon. How are you holding up with all this?
Thank you for asking! I had a hard time getting to sleep last night due to the adrenalin, so I over slept this morning. I've already decided I'm taking tonight off. I'm going home and snuggling with the boys. I have a busy weekend coming up and need some time to get ready for it.

to everyone here!
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aww i hope she recovers well and good luck
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Enjoy your special night relaxing and cuddling with Pipsqueek and Frantic, Sandy!
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What a frightning thing to see a loved one go through! I just hope that she makes it through this in flying colors. Vibes from my and the kitcats.

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Best wishes for your mom's complete recovery!
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Great News! Just remember to get her on some acidolphus (sp) I explained why in an earlier post. And make her eat a good brand of yogurt...high in the "friendly" bacteria!
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I am soooo happy for you and your Mom and your family!!! Whew!

Please do keep us updated. When do they expect your Mom to be able to come home? Is she living on her own, or with your Dad, or with you?? Make sure whomever she's coming home to has complete instructions on diet, medicines, comfort, what she is, or isn't, allowed to do and so on. You have time to prepare with your sister who will take turns when on helping out with your Mom once she's home. Good things to think about now!

See, that crucifix I told you I'd pray on, works EVERY time.

Thank you God for answering my prayers.
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A quick update on Mom!

She's been on a real rollercoaster since the 3rd surgery. She spent the weekend after the surgery nauseous. Its a normal reaction to anesthesia for her. Then the doctor increased her antibiotics and warned her it might make her nauseous. So she was vomiting all weekend. By Monday, she was depressed. My sister and I went storming in to deal with the doctor and nurses. After a discussion, the doctor switched the antibiotic to IV instead of oral. Big difference! She's been laughing and talking. Physical Therapy has gotten her up and walking around.

Yesterday we got a call from her. The hospital is discharging her to a sub-acute care facility. They feel she is ready to move away from constant care and go forward with rehab. So she's being moved today. She's not thrilled, but she's looking forward to the change. She'll be on the IV antibiotics for another 6 weeks.

She has added yogurt to her diet either for breakfast or dinner daily.

Thank you all for your prayers and blessings. She still has a fight in front of her to get her mobility back, but thats the easy part.
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I am so touched by your last update I'm literally crying! I can totally relate to having your Mother be sick, and how it plays with your nerves and emotions. Talk about roller coaster rides!

I am so happy you updated us and that she's recovering everyday from here on in. Thank you God. Send her my best.
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Glad for the good news at last. Hope it gets better and better.
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I've just caught up with this having been unable to get online for a couple of weeks. Your mum's had such a tough time - I'm glad she's on the road to recovery. Sending lots of goods vibes your way for mum's continued recovery.
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PLEASE give us an update. I've been praying for your Mom. I'd love to know how you're holding up and how the surgery went.
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This is an update I wish I didn't have to type.

Mom was rushed from the intermediate care facility to the emergancy room this morning. Her blood pressure jumped over 200 and she was having trouble breathing. She had been wheezing for a few days. The doctor examined her, and put her on Lasix right away. Her personal doctor came in to see her around 10AM and diagnosed Congestive Heart Failure. Her body was filling with retained fluids and she basically was drowning. The fluids were putting pressure on her heart.

She's going to be staying in the ICU for a few days.

We...no, ~I~, picked up on another problem the nurses and doctors missed. For the past few days, she has been insomniac, high anxiety, crawling out of her skin, and really really nasty. It clicked this morning. For the past month she has been getting demerol every 4 hours round the clock. When she transfered to the intermediate care facility, she was cut off, cold turkey. They don't have the license to dispense narcotics. I discussed it with her personal doctor this morning in the ER. She's going through withdrawl. The nursing facility was writing it off as senility/depression. The doctor is going to help her through detox while she is in the ICU.

Her biggest worry....don't let them put any one else in my bed in the intermediate care while I'm gone. I like that room!
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Your Mum is in my thoughts, Sandy. I can't imagine what you are going through!
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Oh your poor mum - as if she hasn't gone through enough. I hope she recovers soon. My thoughts are with you and your mum
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Oh boy...I am sorry to read this update. Wishing her a quick recovery and move back to intermediate care...good pick up on your part re the demerol!
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