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Healing Vibes urgently needed.

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Before the crash, I had a short thread about my mom. She's 76. She's been in and out of the hospital with back pain since July. Several doctors told her it was arthritis and in-operable. In September, one of her doctors finally recommended a new surgeon. Mom went to see him, and he was willing to operate.

On October 28th, she had 4 vertebrae fused. She got thru that surgery and was making progress. Then on November 2, she lost feeling in her feet. They did a quick MRI and she underwent emergancy surgery on November 6th to stop some internal bleeding. She made great strides after that. She was home the day before Thanksgiving and walking with a walker.

A few days before Christmas, she complained that her back was in great pain. My dad talked her out of going back to the hospital till after the holidays. On December 30th, he finally gave in and brought her to the emergancy room. They did another MRI on her on the 4th and discovered an infection in the fusing.

She was moved to Isolation and a culture sent to the lab. They told us yesterday, she has a staph infection which has invaded her bone marrow. She is on IV antibiotics for the next 6 weeks. Last night, she developed an allergic reaction to the antibiotics.

She's been thru hell and back since July. I've seen this board do miracles. Please help.


ps..sorry for the lengthy oration.
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Oh Sandy i'm so sorry that your mums going through all this

6 weeks sounds a long time but she's in the best place possible!.

Sending ((((mega healing vibes)))) from the UK
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Lots of prayers coming from North Alabama in your direction!
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Sandy, first off, my prayers and healing vibes have already started. Secondly, I myself have had a 3 level spinal fusion with screws and plates. I was originally going to suggest that they may be infected, but as I read I realized that they are in fact infected. Mine didn't get infected.

Focus on the fact that there are several antibiotics and her being in the hospital they can induce a medicine that will counter-act the original medicine. Plus are able to start on a new antibiotic. So don't worry too much, although it's hard, I'm sure.

Positive vibes bring positive outcomes. Repeat that and know it's true. I promise you. PM me if you need to talk, I'll be there for you. Just remember to focus on the facts not the worries. OK?
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Oh Sandy, My best Wishes, and my prayers too...
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Oh, Sandy, I'm so sorry your Mom is going through so much, this must be so painful for you. I am praying for your Mom, please keep us updated how she is feeling.
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And some vibes from Canada~
Your Mom, you, and your whole family will be in my thoughts and prayers
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I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers, for full recovery to begin...
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Wow... I will be thinking of you all... I hope also, that your dad will NOT wait next time, and take her pain a llittle more seriously next time. That isn't fair, same thing happened with my mom. Her sisters talked her into not having Chemo while the family was in town. Those two weeks without Chemo... her cancer progressed, and she went from a years of life, to maybe a year...

I hope all of you, and your family are doing good. It's a lot of stress on people when a loved one is sick.
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I'm sorry that your Mom has to go through all this pain and sending *Good Vibes* for a speedy recovery
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Ahh... that must be soo stressful!

it makes me very sad, and i hope that you get through this.. and Mostly that your mother gets through it..

Tons of prayers for your mother.. and,
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Sandy, I"m sending all the healthy vibes I can to your mom. Believe that she will be alright..........and let her know everyday how much you love her!! We're here for you!
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Many, many "get well" vibes and prayers, Sandy. This is very stressful for all of you. I hope your Mum's recovery goes well, and please remember to take care of you, too, so you can be strong for her.
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Lots of positive healing vibes and prayers are on the way to your mom. I'm sorry she has had to go through so much pain and suffering in the last few months, and I hope she starts feeling a lot better real soon!
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Darlin I am so sorry to hear about your mum! I work as a professional clairvoyant, medium and healer and have friends who do the same. If you would like I can organise an absent healing session for your mum? Let me know.
Take care, you're in my thoughts.
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Bone infections are the pits...takes a long time to get rid of them. You might ask your mom or the doc himself to put your mom on acidopulus (sp). It's the bacteria that is in yogurt, that will help replace the good bacteria that the antibiotics kill off. While antibiotics are the greatest thing invented, they don't know good from bad bacteria. Without the good bacteria she could develop what is called C-dif, an infection that causes severe diarrhea, plus all the antibiotics might cause a vaginal yeast infection. NOT something she wants to go through now. In the meantime encorage her to eat high quality yogurt. Good luck keep us posted. By the way I worked on an Ortho-Neuro unit for 20 yrs, and saw a lot of this...she will get better, just a long process.
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Sending good healing vibes your Mom's way. I remember when you posted she was in the hospital. I guess since I didn't see you post anything differently, I assumed everything was going well.
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I'm sorry your mom is going through all of this
Sending positive and healing vibes to her and good thoughts and to you.
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Sending love and healing prayers and vibes your Mom's way.

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Sending lots and lots of good vibes and board magic your way. My grandmother who just turned 72 has been in and out of the hospital for a while now so I know what you're going through is tough.

Hope all turns out well.
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(((((((loving kitty vibes from baby and hoshi..and myself))))))) from Arkansas
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Mega healing vibes from me!
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Wow I'm so sorry your mum is haveing such a bad run to you all I hope she is better soon all the good vibes I can send are heading your way
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Mom is going in for emergancy surgery today. The surgeon is operating on my brother-in-law now, he's going to scrub out from him and scrub in for mom.

She's running a high fever. They think the infection has spread.

I can't stop shaking. I'm leaving for the hospital now. Please start praying!
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Oh no! Your mum is in my thoughts. Hang in there!
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Oh Sandy! saying prayers for your mum now. She's in good hands i'm sure
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Praying hard for your mom.
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I am also sorry to hear this. Sending healing vibes and prayers that she gets better soon and no more reactions to any other medicines!

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Sending *Best Wishes and Good Vibes* your way.
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Healing and Calming }}}VIBES{{{ coming your way, I am thinking of you
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