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Brandy my Angel...

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This is for my baby girl Brandysnap, or Brandy/Snapper/Small Fry for short. She was my darling angel cat who left us on Saturday morning at 9.15 Her full story is below......
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Brandysnap was only 8 months old when she left us, she was the sweetest friendliest little girl ever. She was a constant purrer and wherever you were - she was too....she always had to "supervise" everything I read, cooked or sewed! She came to live with us in April, and she had been long wanted, - I had been aching for a Birman for Sooooooo long, - she was my dream come true. I don't want to dwell on the sad things of losing her so I will just talk of all the joy and happiness she brought to us. She was my husbands baby girl, oh how she was spoiled! She always had a nice tubby little body, so cuddley and warm, if you made kissy noises at her she would run up your body to give you "kitty kisses" on the face!! She was well loved by my other cats too, - always being cleaned or snuggled by one of them! She was BEAUTIFUL.... her fur looks a little manky in the photo because she had just been flea sprayed - she forgave us in the end!!
She was my angel and my baby and she will be sorely missed, she will always stay in my heart along with Tetley and Ebony who we still love sooo much. Brandy was put to sleep because she had Kidney and Liver failure, and was too enemic to have treatment.... if I could have saved her I would.....

We love you baby......from mummy, daddy and the four aunties/Uncles...

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What a sweet little angel!

Again, I am very sorry for your loss!
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Wishing there were words to take the pain away, it will fade in time. Life is a gift that not one of us owns, make the best of what you have now and hold the memories strong.
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I'm so sorry about Brandy. She was a beautiful cat and she was lucky to have you in her life. Enjoy the memories, as they are a precious comodity.

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Bodlover, I am sooooooooooo very sorry for your loss of Brandy. I am glad though that you are able to focus on the positives though you miss her so.

I grew up with a Birman called Panja (pronounced Punya). She was the sweetest, most gentle cat I have ever known. When she had kittens, she cried and tried to follow us out of the room. She wanted us there with her. She was the first cat I had known to be so people oriented.

Once you've been loved by a Birman you'll never ever forget her.

It sounds as though in 8 months she gave you a lifetime's worth of love.
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My thoughts continue to be with you and your family.
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you know I am with you, I wish I could share your grief to help you...
She was a beauty...

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