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Problems on TCS?

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Is anyone having trouble getting on TCS?
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I did this morning a couple of times and had to go back to zero and start over.
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Yes - I have had trouble putting some posts on and trouble getting in!
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Yesterday The net doesn´t let me plugged... ( It told me the server was unable... )
And Today I can to plugg after the 5 or 6 attemp...
Something is wrong?
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Very slow this morning with posting, sometimes losing the post all together. Seems faster now though.
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I had some trouble earlier with submitting a post, but it seems to have cleared up. There's very bad weather in various parts of the USA and it's possible that the servers/power/networks are being impacted. But that's just a guess on my part.
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Yep, I slept in this morning and when I woke up I saw the load was at critical. I filed a report and they rebooted the server for us. When I asked why this happened, they really couldn't say without us launching an investigation. They did say to many http's were open? Not sure what that means though-
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Thanks MA
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Well, I guess i missed the traffic jam -- everything seems OK now.
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Be glad Fran, be very glad! I thought for awhile there that it was just me~
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I've noticed some spikes in the server load which is odd. It will be looked into.


Note: There may be need to reboot ounce or twice while we figure this out. Please do not panic .
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Trying not to panic
I just lost TCS for about 15 min, just now, but maybe you were rebooting! Hope so!
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They were, they are looking into why we had some silent moments earlier-
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yes at this time now
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right, the server was rebooted. I didn't have advanced notice or I would have let you guys know.
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lol...i was reading the beginings of this thread when TCS just blinked ironic
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That is ironic, Bridget!
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We've put a lot of effort into further tweaking the server yesterday. There *may* be an issue with some sort of virus attack on the server though. TAK is looking into that and if that is the case they will try and solve this as well.
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