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Thanks everyone! Dnise, you are probably right, she probably would be difficult to deal with and the agent, well! I won't be going through her again, that's for sure!

Ari, if things keep carrying on like this, we'll all be on the next flight over!

So, I had another house to look at today....never happened. The rude agent phoned this morning and told me that the landlord of the property would also want six months rent upfront.... Do they all want this now?

Well, I asked about this and she said that it is now law!!!!!!???? I explained that I am not doing that in my present property, and then she came up with another story about people not being comfortable with a guarantor....??

I have a feeling that it might be the property agents putting these ideas into the heads of the landlords. Why would anyone decide that six months upfront would be plausible??!!

Anyway, I am going to try to speak to the other agent that I have seen - the one who pointed out that there was nowhere in the Landlord's or the Tenant's agreements that specifically ask if you were to be living with pets! He might be able to shed some light on the situation.

I just can't believe it, especially as we are only going to be students for the next three months???!!!!!!
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Sarah - the NUS site has free advice and information for students about leasing properties here's the link http://www.nusonline.co.uk/info/housing/12445.aspx

I really do advise you to speak to the NUS at your Uni or the accomodation office. Even though this may not be a Uni owned property they may maintain property lists and be able to offer advice on whether the terms are fair or unfair. They are there to help you and will be happy to do so.
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Do the agents work on commision of leases and such out there.. you would think they'd be nicer to you?
Awful lady..

though talking to that man that helped you about the cats is an excellent Idea!
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Have these agents not been taught on how to speak to potential clients properly?!

Thats a good idea what Beths said Sarah!
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6 months rent up front?! I just saw a sign at an apartment complex near me that said 6 months rent FREE... guess you better start looking up plane tickets!

Sorry it's such a hassle for you... I still think something great will come along soon!
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
Nasty old crow anyhow.. I wouldn't live in a solicitor's place, really, anyway- It seems to me that she'd just be awful to deal with.
I'd better keep a low profile on this one hadn't I?
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I believe that they do work on commission, but I don't know if they might be more likely to get more money if we upfront 6 months?!!

Susan, I reckon you're right there! It's a wonder if they've had any training at all, besides, the rude agent doesn't look any older than me!!

Ari, 6 months rent free!! I'm on my way!

Beth, I am going to get in touch with uni, they are going to get back to me, as apparently a lot of people are having troubles! I am also going to speak to the helpful agent and see if we can get anywhere through that route?!
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The agents probably haven't had any real training Sarah. And, sadly, there are a lot of unscrupulous ones out there - particularly where students are concerned. Students are seen as easy meat as they are not going to be long-term tenants (here one year gone the next) and as they're living away from home for the first time are perceived to be easier to push around. That's why Universities put so much support in place to help students out.

I hope you get it sorted. Don't take anything at face value and as I've mentioned before when you do find a place go over it with a fine toothcomb, comparing it to the inventory and marking any differences. Report anything you find to the agent and keep a copy of the annotated inventory that you return to the office. Then at the end of the tenancy if they do try to come back at you for anything, you will have proof of the state of the place when you went in.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! If you don't want to answer this one that's fine - which Uni are you at?
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It really is such a shame that they don't receive any training and how they look to students as easy targets *sigh* I have tried to explain to them that we are only going to be students for the next few months, but are willing to sign a 6 month contract!??

I will definitely rmember to go through everything thoroughly! I made and inventory when I moved here - because we had to in Halls - and I managed to get a number of problems sorted there and then! (the agent's didn't provide one themselves though, we didn't even sign to acknowledge which items of furniture etc belong to them....??) As you say, it gives me evidence of things that they might try to charge for!

I am at Manchester Met. Of course I don't mind telling you!
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Wow! I know someone who teaches at Manchester Met. but she teaches Law. Plus I've walked by there a few times in the last few months .
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Your friend must work in the fantastic new Law building! I don't enter there, people would stare!

You will have seen one of my buildings, by All Saints Park - Grosvenor building! I love it and would prefer to be in there then the 1970 tower thing i'm usually in!
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Mmm I expect she will, although I don't really know, it's my former boss' wife who works there.

I've just looked at the MMU map and Yes, I was near your building. We walked along Oxford Street to and from the city centre (as you'd probably expect) - on the way to the pub .

I see they've got a link on the MMU site to the accommodation office and they say they'll help out students who have problems in private sector housing - so you should be ok with them. Make use of them - that's what they get paid for!

Are you from the northwest originally - or did you just escape there to study?
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I am going to send the accommodation office an emails too! You know, I never thought to look at the website properly!

I am born and bred North West! I'm originally from the Wirral! I didn't escape far to uni really, did I?!
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Originally Posted by Sar
I am going to send the accommodation office an emails too! You know, I never thought to look at the website properly!

I am born and bred North West! I'm originally from the Wirral! I didn't escape far to uni really, did I?!
Don't worry - you won't be the only one not to know the help on offer to you. Most of my non teaching time is spent advising students, and most of them are unaware of the help the University can offer - so I really ought to know how to find this help!!

Sounds like the best of both worlds really - far enough not to have mum and dad watching your every move; but close enough to go home at the weekend and get your washing done
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