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I might just hold you to that!!
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I'd better start saving, the alcohol bill will be huge with both of us drinking!
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I viewed the house yesterday and It looks just as new as the first time I viewed it!

We went down to the office this morning with our filled forms and paid the admin fees, so things are on the move!! We just have to wait to find out if the landlady will accept us, as we are students! Just waiting for the phone call!!

If it all goes well, we could be in the property by either this weekend or the next!

I am so excited, yet so nervous at the same time!
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Looking good Sarah!, looking good!
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I just had a phone call from the agent and apparently because my flat mate and I are students, the landlady wants us to pay six months rent upfront! That is a definite couple (!) of grand!

I am trying to get them to budge on it at the moment and am awaiting news! I hope they let us only pay 3 months in advance, as we won't be students after that point!

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The silly woman!. How on earth does she expect a couple of students to pay that much up front?!.

I think giving 3 months is very fair!.
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I know! Does she really expect us to have that much cash suffed away somewhere?!

The wait is getting to me now! I want to know now!

It is just odd that she wants upfront payment now, yet for the flat we are in now, we just paid the deposit and first month's rent and then paid monthly, as you would! My Dad is guarantor (sp?) for us, so they know they will get their money! *sigh*
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I still think it'll be ok though Sarah!
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Thank you, Susan! I hope it is all ok!
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Originally Posted by Sar
Here are some pictures of the house I am going to see this afternoon!

The kitchen

And finally, the garden - for the cats to go out on their leads!

This is the house that I have (wrongly, I know) compared to all the others that I have seen! But it is so much better and closer to uni, so I don't have to struggle!
Oh wow!!! Look at that kitchen and the yard! Nice! Those other pics looked great too! I just read this thread from the beginning and it is so much nicer than that first one you looked at. Good luck trying to negotiate on the 6 month rental advance Sarah.
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Is she daft?! 6 months up front, AND you have a cosigner? That's a bit unreasonable What's wrong with the bat?
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Denise do you have any relatives in the UK?, because you've used words that we use a lot such as "Daft" and calling someone a "Bat"
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:P I watch too much british TV, I suppose.

No, actually, but I'm the only american in my family, does that count?
When I lived in Germany for a short while, I lived with my cousins who spoke proper british english (well.. Welsh, actually -they were sponsored in england for a bit, and because of that, they had a bit of a welsh thing going..) By the time I came back, people asked me from where I hailed as my accent was strange, and I used odd words!
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Cheers, Ryan! This was the first property I looked at and I loved it from the start! The garden is the biggest in the street too, which is pretty good!!

Denise, she vcertainly is a daft bat! I really haven't got a clue what she wants!!??

Susan, you took the words right out of my mouth!!
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That explains it then I suppose that counts as your all known as "Our American cousins!"
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Erm? I do watch too much british comedy (Eddie Izzard, especially) I've noticed my American has been getting a bit worse
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*sigh* Still waiting to hear back from the agent....she's certainly taking her time!

Whilst waiting, I have been looking through the details again and have noticed that they state that the property is 'Close to the Universities' three times! If they don't want students, why mention that???!!!

I have also noticed that considering the place is supposed to be 'Fully Furnished', there seems to be a lot missing! Desk for study, hoover, kettle, toaster, microwave, coffee table....the list goes on! Two main items they lack are a lawn mower and alarm!!

I am going to speak to the agant about all this today and hopefully get the yes or no to the 3 month upfront payment!

Still keeping my fingers crossed!
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I would ring them now Sarah!. And if they mention about you being students again point that out.
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I think I will! I am just waiting for them to open/settle down (or something) as they don't answer the phone 'til 10:30!
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Get ringing it's nearly 10.40!!
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I phoned the agent and apparently, the owner wanted to sleep on the offer and ask her husband! She hasn't heard back from her yet! She said she would call her again, so now I am waiting....again!

I have found out that the owner is a Solicitor, so really, she should have more of a realistic view on what to expect from a tenant....wouldn't you think?!!
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I would have thought so?!. Well it's being let by someone decent thats for sure!
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Received the phone call from the agent and the landlady will NOT budge on the 6 month upfront rental payment

The agent actually got pretty agressive when I asked about the student thing and then said, 'You can't afford it can you?' and said she'd send back the admin cheque. then she hung up....

It was all so fast, going from looking forward to a possible move to nothing

I just can't believe it, I haven't got the words (without turning the air blue) to describe how I feel about all this!
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Oh never!. Sarah it wasn't meant to be chick!.

How she can expect two students to cough up 6 months in advance is beyond me?!. She must think you rake it in like what these solicitors do!!.

Get the paper out and start again!, and hope that her house stands idle for the next 6 months
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I'm not having much luck at all with this house hunting, am I? *sigh*

Yeah, it was obviously not meant to be, but it didn't have to tease me like that!

I spoke to my Mum and she said the same thing about hoping it would stay empty for AGES! Or that we could get a house next door or something and then when her house gets wrecked, she'll see me out in the garden mowing the lawn and planting plants! Then she would regret it!

She does seem to think that we rake it in! She'd certainly rake it in, even more, if we had been able to afford the 6 month advance - imagine the interest she would gain on that!!!!!!!

I have found another place and am going to view it tomorrow, but the garden is overlooked by a block of flats Worth a look though, I can always mark it off my list.

Back to hunting then....
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Your right they have built your hopes up They were quick to take the admin money though!!.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow and don't worry about the flats, they may be elderly people who live in them who won't be able to spy on you sunbathing
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No compromise on the 6 month advance. That's too bad. It looked so nice. Good luck finding another place.
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Cheers, Ryan! It was a great place, but if the landlady's this bad now, who knows what she'd be like if I was living in her place?!!

Susan, I hope it goes well tomorrow! The thing is, I kind of know that there are a lot of students that live in the flats round there! (they are basically the flat I live in now, but down the road! Do you think they'll watch me?!! I'd better make sure I don't go topless or partake in some nudist gardening!

Not that I have a tendancy to do that, just if I decided to try!
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Nasty old crow anyhow.. I wouldn't live in a solicitor's place, really, anyway- It seems to me that she'd just be awful to deal with. The agent had no reason to be that nasty about it though!! her mum clearly didnt' teach her how to behave.

Here's to finding another place, with a polite person in charge!
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Aw Sarah, I'm sorry you're not having luck! I guess you're just gonna have to come over to Texas and look for an apartment here!

Just kidding... good luck to ya! Something will turn up, no worries!
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