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My Scratchy-girl missing!

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When is it fair to assume that your kitty has gone missing?

My three are all living at my Mum's at the moment because I will be moving back home with my parents temporarily in a couple of months. They have been there two weeks, and Scratchy has been fine - frolicking around and loving having a garden to play in for the first time.

Mum rang this afternoon to say that she hadn't been able to find her since 10.30 this morning - she had searched everywhere inside and outside the house and called and called but she just wasn't anywhere. So I'm going over there after work to help have a look and I'm hoping that she'll come when she hears my voice. I've also made some flyers to put out but I'm wondering if I'm jumping the gun a bit, since it's only been since this morning that she's been gone.

She has always been an inside cat who was only let out to have a sniff around under supervision in an enclosed courtyard. Now she has a huge yard to play in and has been very good - hasn't jumped any fences or gone out the front although she has been climbing trees. She was spayed a couple of weeks ago and since then has become extremely affectionate and loving. I'm wondering if perhaps someone could have taken her?

I'm really very worried and wonder if anyone has any advice?
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I don't know how far away you live from your mother, but she could be on her way to you. Cats have been known to go back to their owner. But in 24 hours, I wouldn't panic yet- she is probably hiding within 3 houses of your mom's place.

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Please hurry home, Scratchy! Please keep us updated, Sarah!
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We found her! She was in the only cupboard Mum hadn't opened! She said to me `I haven't opened that all day she won't be in there' so I opened it and out she popped!! Mum then remembered that she had opened the cupboard just for a couple of seconds to put her pants away. Scratchy is so quick she would have just dashed in and curled up and gone to sleep - after a bit of exploring of course! Poor Mum she was frantic and I wasn't much better!!
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So glad to hear that Scratchy has been found! That can be so scary when a cat is missing even for a few hours! Give her an extra cuddle or two.
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I was so worried when I read your first post I'm glad to hear she is safe and sound...the naughty girl!!!
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I know - she is a naughty little thing!! I was beside myself when I found her, and snatched her up and held her so tight and was giving her big cuddles and she was squirming around like, `Mummy, let me gooooooo!!' She wasn't fazed at all, of course!!
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Yippee! Scratchy's home!
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I'm so happy you found her!
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