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Angry Cats

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Max and Buddy are 5 years old, been together for at least 4 years, and at all times we've lived in the same studio apartment. During the past month, I've come home from work to find that the cats have torn through the place, knocking things off shelves, scattering their litter box, etc. At first I thought the place was ransacked by robbers, it looked so bad. These are loving, affectionate cats when I'm home. They have lots of toys to play with. But it keeps happening. I love these guys, but I'm at my wits end. HELP!
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I came home from work last night to find everything on my dresser on the floor. From what you've told me I don't think it's anything to be concerned about unless you find clumps of fur all over the place. Cats who are indoors all the time need exercise and a way to vent their "stress". And that can and does include zipping through the house like a tornado. I have 8 cats and believe me, they do it! Cats are also curious creatures and like to see what happens when they move objects with their paws off of a table or dresser. I wouldn't be too concerned (I'd be a little annoyed at the mess) unless they are showing aggressiveness towards each other when you're around. They're just mischievious. Cat ARE that way.
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I would have to agree with donna. My cats tear up the house when they get into the mood. If nobody is hurt, then I am sure they are playing. A few things may help though..A covered litter box, a large cat tree and maybe switch out the toys every week or so. Then they have something new and interesting.
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