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Happy Birthday, Malakai!

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Happy Birthday, Malakai!!

Hey everyone! Today is the monster's 6 month birthday!!! Yay!
I love you, Dracula!! hehe
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Happy Birthday, Malakai!
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Happy 6 Month Birthday
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AWWW, Happy Birthday Honey! Have Mommy spoil you rotten today!
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Hi Sweet Malakai!!! Milky & I wants to wish you a big Happy Birthday!!!!!
Did your mommie buy to you a Tuna Pie? ...
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Happy happy Purrday little Malakai !!
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Yay for 6 month old kittens! Happy Birthday Malakai!
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Happy Monthday Cutie!!!!
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YAY Malakai!! Happy Half-birthday sweetie! Hope your meowmy spoils you!!!
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Happy Birthday!!!
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Aw happy birthday boy!
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Tell us all about your special day! Happy birthday!
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Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone!!
Here I am reading them with mommy...

Mommy woke me up with a shower of birthday kisses... Then I started running around breaking stuff and she hasnt yelled at me once Even when I knocked over the cookies that Gramma C. sent home... Those are mommy's favorite but I knocked them over by accident... I promise it was an accident... I made sure that the chocolate oreo didnt fall on the floor so mommy could still eat it... I hope mommy forgives me and lets me sleep in the bed tonight... I just wish I coulda seen my papi for my bday but he sent home kisses with Mommy!
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Happy Birthday
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