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Kitten mourning foster mom?????

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I have been fostering for the local shelter for a very short period of time.....8 months. Although I have been around animals, particularly cats, all of my life I have had several "firsts" since I started voluteering.
Here is one more to add to my list.........
I was asked to socialize a seven week old "hiss and spitter". No problem. It is actually my favorite thing to do. I think it is the fear in their eyes that grabs my heart. I want them to feel loved, like I believe every creature should feel. Anyway, two days ago I took "Sundhari" back to the shelter as to be adopted out. Yesterday the director called me to come get Sundhari. Evidently she was extremely sick. She had crusty eyes, clogged nose and congestion in the chest. She was also lethargic and would not come out of the litter box. This was a complete shock to me. I sent a friend to go get her, as I was tied up at home with another foster. She walked in with Sundhari in her jacket and opened it. We were about two feet from each other.....Sundhari jumped onto my chest and started meowing. They had cleaned her up before bringing her back to me and I have not cleaned her at all-I have not had to!! SHE IS FINE!!!!!! My friend said she found her face down in the litter box snot covered. She would not leave my side for the first few hours. She is now ten weeks old. I am confused. Any ideas?????
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I'm not sure what is going on there, this hasn't happened to me. My best guess would be that she had a big allergic reaction to something there, perhaps the litter or their cleaning fluids or even some deodorant or perfume one of the shelter workers was wearing. Keep a very close eye on her and watch for any signs of relapse, especially the congestion.
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I would agree with Tania, they also could have put her with a sick cat (shelters will do that sometimes) or they may not have disinfected the cage she was in, or she was reacting to the disinfectant itself. Sounds like she wants to be your permanent kitty and not just a visitor-
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Originally Posted by hissy
I would agree with Tania, they also could have put her with a sick cat (shelters will do that sometimes) or they may not have disinfected the cage she was in, or she was reacting to the disinfectant itself. Sounds like she wants to be your permanent kitty and not just a visitor-
She was not put in with a sick cat. At our shelter we have a "sick room". The input about the disinfectant was something I had not thought about, but makes complete sense. The director was who suggested she was mourning us. We have not made a decision as to her future, but we are seriously considering adopting her. You know cats, they adopt you a majority of the time you don't adopt them! Thank you for responding. You guys have some of the most awesome insight!!!!!!!
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When kitties mourn, they get quiet, withdrawn, stop eating or they hide. They usually do not develop crusty eyes, clogged nostrils and chest congestion. Is she also on antibiotics? Because colds can be elusive in cats and if she has a URI she should be treated, but then you know that already.

I did not mean to imply that all shelters put cats in that are sick, but some do, as some do not have the proper funds to do complete testing on new arrivals.
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That's the funny part, she does not have URI. As a matter of fact she has absolutely no congestion at all anymore. When I say anymore I mean since she came back. She is full of energy and the same ol' Sundhari tearing up the house.
Our shelter has two buildings, one for intakes and the no-kill shelter. The no-kill shelter has a sick room also. We also have a vet on site. We are very blessed!
She did get quiet, withdrawn and stop eating. I really think we will never quite know, but the cleaners reaction sounds feasible to me.
Thank you for the symptoms of mourning. I did not know that.
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It surely sounds as though she has chosen you!

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Update. After much thought we have made a decision about Sundhari. Although I feel adopting a foster is not a good habit to get into, we feel this situation is an exception. Sundhari will become the newest member of our family on Friday. Here is a pic of our little girl.....

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From reading this thread, I'd say you've made the right decision.

She certainly chose you for her own. Congratulations on your new addition.
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She is too darn kewt.
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Years ago we had a cat come out of the bushes in the middle of a bad windstorm. I had never seen her before, nor had Mike. Amazed, I watched her, clutching a kitten in her mouth, walk boldly past my outdoor crew into the shop and deposit the kitten onto a startled Mike's lap! LOL She scampered off only to return several more times to leave more kittens on a startled man's lap.

He asked me if I knew her, and I said no. We then took her kittens in our arms, and walked to the house with her following every step watching us carefully. I opened the door, she stepped inside, followed us up the stairs to the cat room, where I made a nice nest for her in one of the cupboards. She settled down to care for her kittens, and we left her alone marveling at what had just occurred.

About 5:00 p.m. she began to scratch at the door at the foot of the stairs demanding "out." She would not be shushed, so with some misgivings, I opened the door and she bolted out the cat door and vanished! About a half an hour later she returned with the biggest kitten I had ever seen in my life, squirming in her mouth. She then "asked" to go upstairs with her family and we let her up the stairs, glad she had returned.

Three days later when I was going upstairs for a routine check of the family, I found Fern dead. I have no idea what was wrong with her, but apparently she knew something was not right, and she wanted her family to have a good home. We bottle raised the babies and re-homed all of them. They are all doing well, very loved, even the twins, as she had two identical black and white babies in the litter.

Sometimes, cats just know where they need to be. Apparently Sundhari knows which home is supposed to be hers. She has made the wise choice and I wish you luck with this little one who manipulated her world to get what she wanted!
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OMG WHAT a cutie! Congrats on being adopted!
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What an adorable kitten:-). And I agree with Hissy - for whatever reason, this kitten knows that she belongs with you - and was just waiting for you to realize it too:-).

Congratulations on your newest family member.

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Congratulations on your beautiful new addition! She's gorgeous! I also foster kittens, so I know what you mean about not getting in the habit of adopting them, but with my last kitten, I was tempted. Sorely tempted! If I didn't have an elderly cat who would never, ever accept him, he'd be warming my lap right now. Lucky you for being chosen by this little beauty!
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what a cutie. and she knew she wanted you, a smart little thing. i believe cats do get sick when stressed, same as people. sometimes if immune system is low from stress, somethng that would ordinarily not be a problem gets in system easier. i
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