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Did anyone watch the new Bachelorette tonight?

I wish she hadn't chosen Stu to stay.....he's kinda creepy! He's the kind of guy who would stalk her if she made him leave.

And what about that poor guy passing out?

The thing that struck me the most though is the fact that almost all the guys seem to look alike. I wouldn't be able to keep them straight!
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I watched the show awhile ago, but I like Bachler(sp?) more. I think its kinda creepy how she has to chose a man and marry him by the end of the show. Talk about pressure.
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LOL Robin, I think you and I are probably the only two that likes these kinds of shows. I didn't watch Jen last night, but I did tape it to watch tonight. I love reality shows. I know they're rediculous and alot of times stupid, but I find them entertaining, and isn't that why we tune in to alot of the sitcoms etc, to laugh and be entertained? I'll let you know tomorrow when I watch it tonight!
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