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Rene's Birthday tattoo

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Rene went tonight and got her very first tattoo. It is of her abby Merlot.
PS: she wasnt a big baby at all
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OMG it's beautiful. It looks just like him. Tears came rolling down my face when I saw it because besides my own tat of my Rocky (who was not my breeding but my first aby), Merlot is from my own breeding lines and was a present from myself and my husband to Rene and Clint and it's an honor that they love him so much and that Rene has honored Merlot (and me in a way). I just showed the picture to Jingles (Merlot's dad) and he looked at me like "hey ma, that's my kid". Thanks for sharing Sandie. BTW, Rene had called me as I was walking in from work to tell me about it and I couldn't wait to get online to see it. Thanks Rene and Clint for loving Merlot so much.

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Hey there Sandy :angel2::daisy:

That's an awesome tattoo....Give Rene a big hug for me

Love & Peace

PS..Frannie, you are so sensitive....that's so sweet
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The picture really doesn't do it justice because it is still raw and the camera wasn't clear - Merlot's tail actually has ticking on it! The man is awesome and I am already planning my next birthday's tatoo (since this one was for my 50th birthday and next week is my 51st birthday, it won't be too long. I am going to wait for you Frannie and then we can all go and get one! Except Clint, who is a baby.
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Oh Rene!!!!!!! I am so jealous!!! Your tattoo is beautiful!!!!!
I have wanted a tattoo for quite awhile now, but wasn't sure what to get, or where to have it put, so I have a few questions.....

Where is your tattoo?
Did it hurt very much?
How did you get a picture of your cat made into a tattoo?
Was it expensive?

I guess thats all the questions I have for now, but I really want one, and especially now, after seeing yours!!!
I have pictures of Merlin, but what do I do, take them to the tattoo artist, and have him look at them and do the tattoo? What if it doesn't even look like Merlin? I love cats, but I don't just want any cat tattoo, I want it to look like Merlin!
I am a bit scared I guess, not of getting the tattoo, but of it not looking like I want it to, and being stuck with it forever.

Happy Birthday a week early, by the way!!!!!!!
What day is your birthday?
You don't look 51, (from your pictures) You must age very gracefully!
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Rene's tattoo Wow, you did it. I think the guy did an outstanding job!!! Thanks for introducing me to this site.
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Wow very nice tattoo. Where is it and how big is it. It is very detailed. My hubby hates tattoos and so does not want me to get anymore done, I have 2 already.
So I am very jelous !!
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Looks like there is hope for me when I turn 50 hehehehe
Rene - it is exquisite! Congratulations.......
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That is a cool tattoo! I thought a few months ago of getting Eeyor on my shoulder, but decided 3 is enough for me! :LOL:
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aww, wow - it's very nicely done!
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Wow Rene!!! It's such a cool tattoo congratulations!!!!!! Did it hurt???
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