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Introducing Beaker

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Hello! I joined the site about a month ago and learned alot thanks to everyone here. Beaker, our male ragdoll kitten came home on December 21. I just now was able to get some good pictures of him so enjoy!

Lazy Kitty

Just Sitting Around

I've posted some more pictures on my webshots page if you are interested.

Webshots Link
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what a beauty! & welcome to the site!
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Oh I'm so jealous - I want a male raggie! Beaker is gorgeous - so handsome and he looks so snuggly! As soon as I get done with work I'm gonna look at his other pictures!
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Beaker is adorable! I checked out the pics on your webshots page too...cute, cute, CUTE!!!!!!
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Welcome to TCS Beaker and Stitch!!
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Awww, Beaker is such a cutie!!!!!
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Awww, so cute!
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That is the cutest little handsome man kitten
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Awww...Beaker is absolutely adorable! I can't wait to see more pictures! Welcome to TCS!
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Aww what a gorgeous kitty!!!
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Oh my!!! Baby Beaker is BEAUTIFUL!!! What a CUTIE!!!!!! I love his black ears!!!!
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Very Very Cute!!!
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Ohhh, what a sweetheart! He's gorgeous!
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Oh my gooshness! He is so adorable! I love his little blue eyes.
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He is so precious! It must be hard to take your eyes off of him.
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awwww, what a beautiful baby!
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What a beauty! The pictures on your webpage are adorable...somebody's daddy loves him!

I look forward to seeing more pictures of him as he grows!
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Beaker, you're so gorgeous, welcome to the family!
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Thanks for the compliments everyone! He is very much loved at our home, and yes, his daddy is wrapped around his little paw.

I'll post more pictures as I am able capture them.
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Oh Beaker is so gorgeous! Sorry but when I hear the word Beaker I instantly crack up thinking of that lady off Extreme Makeovers nicknamed Beaker.
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I love those blue eyes.
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