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700 and Happy

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I just realized that this is my 700th post on TCS. As I look back at the past few months since joining here - I know just how quickly time passes and how fast things change in the world. Since April, I have acquired 2 new fur babies (cared for the other two that were adopted) and tried to make feral mom Goldie well fed, warm and loved. She has brought me a second litter to trap and care for and now that I have some experience in this matter, I plan on trapping her too - so no more babies!
So many new friends here have joined, acquired new fur children and sadly enough have lost some beloved friends. I have witnessed a great deal of support and caring from members here in all matters of feline caring. I have made on line friends who I e/mail back and forth. How I enjoy this company. I never thought the computer would be so important to me - but because of you all here, it has become important to me. I can't wait to get home from work and see what I have missed. I hate to admit it - but I will often get up extra early to catch our oversees buds, and see what they are up to!
So in spite of the world condition and the trauma so many have recently suffered, please remember that we are a 'on-line fur family' here and you are all important to me!
Thank you all for making me feel welcome here and being a part of my life.
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Hey Deb

It's so nice of you to remind all of us that we have a very special bond between us. I know through the months, I have had the privelege to get to know you and it's been lots of fun.

Stick around here kiddo... The Site's getting pretty popular huh??

Hugs & Kisses
Love & Peace,

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700 huh?? You don't look a bit over 500.

Congratulations and many more.
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Congrats on becoming a genuine Super Cat

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Congrats Debra! (I'm right on your heels, although it may take me a bit to get there!)
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Dawn I think you will be next!!!!
Keep watching
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