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Cat info for school

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Hello, just found this place and found it to be a great site. I was looking for info for my daughter. She is in second grade and they have a science "share fair". she wanted to do a poster on the lifecycle of a cat. I know I have seen pics in a circle layout of newborn kittens circling around to older cats. You know, the ones wiht little arrows between the pics.

Now that we need one for the poster, I am unable to find it. Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.


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If you go to GOOGLE and then click on Google Images then type in life cycle of a cat you should find it that way-
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I looked around a little on the net and couldn't find a thing to help you.Sorry.
I hope you are able to find what you need.Good luck.
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Sure hope you and your daughter find the information you need.
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Welcome to TCS!!!!!
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Thanks for the links! As for books, yes they still use them. LOL! I was just trying to save a trip to the library since it was raining here and I thought one could find anything on the internet...

Thanks again,

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did you find the information you needed? what a great project for your daughter to undertake
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Hi & welcome! Just a thought... If you are still looking: your local shelter may have some teaching illustrations, if they have an educational dept. that goes into schools, as mine does. Perhaps they could make some copies for your daughter. I know they use charts to show how cats mature.
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