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Moving has to be the most irritating, most overwhelming experience ever....lol
do we have enough news paper to wrap up dishes???
Do we have enough boxes???
Do pictures go in with collectables???
what should I throw away???
where do i start???
I have to move on saturday, but none of my house is really packed what do i do?????
LOL.......sorry just needed to do a mini vent.......... Emmet is starting to get that look of dred in his eyes because of all the boxes and such.....pooor emmet he keeps saying "No mamma not again".......man I hate moving, and emmet does too...I know mabby and doofus will love it....maybe they can help me pack...
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Ugh, I know how you feel - my boyfriend just moved over the weekend and it's reminding me that I have to move in 3 and a half months. Sigh. I prefer unpacking over packing anyday!

Good luck! Soon it will be all over and you will be settled again!
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Oh Bridget, I belive you it´s a Haaaaaaaardddd Job! Do you bring pics from the new place?
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lol.....thank you........
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on moving....
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lets see..I think the icon that says the most about my feelings the last time I moved would have to be:

and a lot of

This past year, berylayn, lexilou and myself all moved into 3rd floor apartments. And for a group of people starting out, we all had WAY too much furniture. Just as long as you have some good help, it all works out in the end.

and dont get me started on the lovely people at UHaul
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Ugh, I hate moving. The last time I moved was 3 years ago. My dad the drill sgt had me moved, unpacked and totally settled in in one very long day. Around 830 the same night he says as I am leaning against the wall sleeping, "Why don't you go get your mom's carpet cleaner and go get the floors done at the other house" I had things hurting that I didn't even know I had!
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good luck! I hate moving also. We moved twice last summer....
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I have moved over 20 times in 25 years, I'm an old hand. I have found that the best place to start is with the collectibles, pictures, and sutff you do not use every day. Good luck!
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Oh Bridget, you have my sympathies! I hate it too!
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lol...thanx guys...I just dont know where to start......lol...we got some stuff packed......but we have ment to get the newspaper everytime we go out so we can wrap our dishes...lol...this has been a week coming weve ment to get a freeking paper.....we have yet to pick up the paper......
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i just moved
you can also use tissue paper and toilet paper and towels and stuff might be late now though since its friday
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