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Todays radio question: 01/10/05

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Were you ever/are you now afraid of the dark?
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When I was a Child... Yes......
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Still am a little bit, but it is because I am so blind in the dark, my eyes never adjust hehe so yep, just a little bit
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Don't think so.
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Not that I'm aware.
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Always was, still am.
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Nope - the darker the room at night the better. I am claustrophobic however.
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YES~~ I was as a child all the time. I had a bad nightmare when I was 4, that there was a tiger in my closet! But now, no, I like the dark and have no issues at all, no tigers.
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When I was little YES...Now I guess I can say I slightly am....but not at home...just if I was outside alone in a strange place.
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only in the city, not out in the country where I live. Not even afraid of all the night critters I have.
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Cautious, yes -- afraid, no -- not as a kid, either.
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Heck NO! I LOVE the dark!!!! Being a night owl(as my mother calls me) I live for the night time. I'm up until all hours of the night most nights.
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No and i must have a dark bedroom!
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Not unless I watch a scary movie.
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I dont think i was even as a young child
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
No and i must have a dark bedroom!
chris needs to have a dark bedroom and it drives me crazy - I dont mind the dark - but he must put a t-shirt over the clock so that there is no light coming from it.

In our old house - the curtains on the bedroom where SO thick that you could close them in the middle of the day and the room was pitch black...

the problem here was that I would wake up - it was always pitch black - and I wouldnt be able to see the clock
therefore I would never now if it was 3am or 3pm
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
No and i must have a dark bedroom!
Same here!
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I am embarrassed to say that I actually am a little, but I didn't used to be. Like, as a child I really wasn't bothered by it...but in college there was a string of attacks on girls at night and I developed a paranoia at that time that I haven't really been able to get back under control since.....
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I used to be petrified of walking around my house in the dark so I would put every light in the house on... Now, I'm not so much afraid... Althought I still have a fear of uncovered windows... I had a nightmare when I was really young that a man in a raincoat was standing at my bedroom window trying to get in and the vision has stuck with me so, I wont go into a room at night unless the blinds are closed...
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I still am.... Especially after seeing a scary show/movie on the telly or at the theatre.
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I was horribly afraid of the dark as a child. I slept with a nightlight until I was well into elementary school.
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I went through a phase where I was scared of the dark, but it wasn't very long.
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No, I'm not afraid of the dark.
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I still am
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The only time I would be afraid of the dark when I was little was in my grandparent's basement. The light switch was at the bottom of the stairs so once you turned them off it was pitch black down there. And for some reason I though something was going to come after me so I would HAUL up the stairs, slam the door behind me and lock it!
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Not at all. Things are the same in the dark as they are in the day or with lights.
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