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New pictures of Rosie and Sophie! - Page 2

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More pics, Those girls are so beautiful
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Watch this space Tia!, as soon as Danielle helps me sort out on resizing them i have them all ready!

Sarah thats basically what was happening to me as well?
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Oh gosh I just love that last picture of Rosie! Gorgeous!
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Heres some more!



Sophie with her santa toy at christmas

Rosie chilling out!

Sophie when she was younger playing with Rosie( But you can tell who's the bossy one! )

A bath for Rosie

Rosie with Sophie as a kitten peeping over!

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How gorgeous! What terrific pics of the angels!
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they are gorgeous!!
how old are rosie and sophie now??
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Aw new pics! YAY! how cute!
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Awwww, there's my girls!!
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They are soooo ADORABLE!!!! I love how they are best buddies!
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Awww... Rosie and Sophie are so cute together
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again...Rosie cracks me up! She is just brimming with personality. Couple that with her beauty, and she's the complete package!

Anytime she wants to visit...
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They are both beautiful, I love the pics!
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Originally Posted by fwan
they are gorgeous!!
how old are rosie and sophie now??
Rosie will be 3 years old in March

Sophie with be one year old 2 days after Rosies birthday

Remember Kelly she's a Tortie and we all know what most Torties have? and Rosie can certainly have an attitude especially when it comes to going to bed!!
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awwwww more photos I almost missed the new photos

Susan they are so adorable - I have told you that before havent I????

your doing fine with uploading these photos!!! even the sizes are almost perfect!!
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Sophie behind bars!

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Awww!! I love the new photos of Rosie and Sophie!!

Sophie looks so cute in your bathroom sink/basin!

Rosie is so laid back on the stairs!!

Keep them coming, Susan!!
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Hi Susan! I finally made it to California and was able to check out this thread Ack!! They are just precious!! (I love the one of Miss Sophie in the sink!!) I am so glad that you are able to put pictures up...as we all cannot get enough of your little ladies!!
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such cuties! i love it... BTW, yesterday morning i caught Pixel & Cable snuggled up together in the small cat bed that sits at the foot of my bed... this is the first time i've caught them snuggling when they weren't on top of me!
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I saw your name and wondered "Hows Sarah still here!". Numpty what i am Pleased you arrived safely!

Laureen make sure you have the camera ready for next time because there "will" be a next time!
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Glad to see you made it Sarah!!!

Susan, more pics please!
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I'll go through my cd's tonight to have a good look through, but i'm getting another reel at the weekend
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And heres some more!

Sophie has a habit of standing or jumping on Rosie even when she's minding her own business and she just lets her!.

Here they are having a friendly tussle!

This is their room with the tree outside it so they can watch the birds

Sophie on the kitchen window sill

Sophie (Danielle is going to put this one in my siggy for me! )

It just seems like yesterday that Sophie was this small!

Rosie and i have always played peek a boo so this is her sneaking up on me but i snapped her first!.

Rosie and her snowman toy

Mum! thats enough!!!

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Rosie just cracks me up how she always has her mouth open! She must be quite the chatterbox!
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Oh yeah.....and I wanted to give you a tip......if you make sure that your pictures are no larger than 650 pixels in width.....they won't stretch out the thread like that.
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I love that new pic of Soph on the sofa - she's so big! I also love how you caught Rosie by surprise on the stairs. She was so surprised you didn't give her time to chatter.
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Robin how do i do that????????????????????????
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Yay, lovely pics!!! Well done Susan, you has a really lovely models !!!!
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Awww...I love pics of cats snuggling! Everytime I see them I want to add another fur addition to my family !
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