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ahh, i was a little late.. and i didnt see the 2nd page of this...
but, im soo glad that your baby is home!!
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Yay I am glad he is home. He will be feeling a little sore but other than that, he will be fine in no time!
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Yay glad he's back - I'm sure he'll be back to normal and ready for tons of loving in no time!
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I am glad he is back also, and thank you all again!! He does seem to still be sore, but Im sure that will wear off in no time. I tried to get the vet to give me pain meds for him before I took him home, but they assured me he's in no pain, and the meds are unneccessary. So I hope he feels alright,, thankyou, you are all so wonderful!*kisses*
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YAY Im so glad Conner is home!
He will feel better every minute don't worry
Give him some from me ok?
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I'm so sorry I have only just found this thread

I'm glad your babby is ok

And just for the record I don't think anyone who feels like you did and do about there kittys is loony it shows what a loveing and wounderful person and mummy you are all kittys should be so lucky as to have such a good and loveing mummy as you

If you have any trouble getting him to eat try putting his food somewhere he is not suposed to go the kitchen table a bench something like that they can not resist stealling it sounds silly but it works I used it on my JJ after his op worked a treat
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lol, that is a good idea,didnt think of that!! But thankfully, he has eaten today. He is walking around now and not hiding under the bed, he lets tony and I pet him, but he still is a little aloof. I was so sad that he wouldnt sleep with us last night. He has always slept with us since the day I brought him home as a wee litttle kitten. But thankyou guys so much,,Ill keep in touch!
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