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Need some support...

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Ok guys, for those of you who had read my thread a couple of weeks ago you know that I am scared to death of getting Conner neutered, but nevertheless, I drop him off tomorrow at 8am and pick him up @ 4pm. I know it is the best thing to do and I know that I sound incredibly childish seeing as it is a perfectly normal procedure with minimal risk. But he and I have such a sweet and emotional bond together and I am so scared that afterwards he will hate me! If anyone has any advice on what I am supposed to expect after he comes home and if anyone knows exactly what they do during the procedure I am all ears!! Although very silly, I even thought about having our roommate drop him off and I would pick him up,, that way he doesnt connect me with dropping him off at his doom!LOL. And I would be the one to go and get him, so I could appear like Mommy The Savior!! ,,,rescuing from the evil place called the vet!! But , dont worry, I know that isnt a good idea, because I should be there with him when I drop him off so that he isnt so scared. Well, anyways, Just please oh please, if anyone who has neutered kitties could help me out I would be so very grateful!!!!
--Stevie and the soon to be sterile Conner!!
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I have a spayed kitty, can I still be supportive?

Just wanted to say, I felt horrible about dropping my Baylee off at the vet and leaving her overnight, I was convinced she hated me. But when I picked her up she was so happy to see me and she spent the next few days in my lap, sleeping.

Your Conner is gonna be great - you are doing the right thing and being such a great mommy!
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Sanctie, he will be fine! Connor will do fine! Obviously you care for him and love him so much~~ it's so hard to let go for a procedure. But it's a simple one at that and he might be a little "quiet" for about 12-24 hrs but that is normal. I am not a vet nor technician so I don't want to post the keystrokes, so to speak, that would not be right, but emotionally I'm here for you having been through it with the 2 boy loves of my life at different times (no, not Eric!!! ) and most boys are back on their feet in hours! And bravo to you for getting it done!!!
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He'll be groggy when you pick him up, and might very well be hungry. I doubt he'll connect you with the procedure, though we've had cats who were fine with the vets until after they were neutered. The last two males we had neutered were sleepy and hungry, so they got a snack and were allowed to "sleep it off", and the next day they were fine. Jamie was 6 months old, and Straycat was 8 years old, and I didn't see any difference in their recovery times. Good luck for tomorrow!
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Thank you so much Ariana and Elizabeth,, your support means very much to me, I am so freaked out about getting this done that it is just ridiculous. Thanks guys.
--Stevie and her little 'CON'-artist, Conner.
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My female all ready came fixed, but my male had to be fixed, and I almost picked up the phone 20 times to call and check on him. I think the best thing you can do is try and be as normal as possible. Expect your baby to be afraid for a few days, and I believe they are not supposed to be jumping anywhere for a few days. I am sure everything will be fine.
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Thanks bunches Trish, it is helpful hearing how your kitties were,,,again, thanks so much!!

And thank you too catlover, I will probably be the same way about wanting to call all the time,lol! Thank YOu for the advice!

Stevie and her unsuspecting kitty
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We've all been in your position with our own babies, and it's natural to feel nervous about your sweet Conner having any procedure, even one as routine as neutering. I'm a wreck when Sierra has procedures done at the vet, especially when I have to leave her for any length of time, and I can really empathize with what you're feeling right now. Your doing exactly the best thing for your little boy, and Conner will not hold this against you in the least! I'll be praying for Conner and know he will sail right through this. You'll both be so happy when you bring him home safe and sound!
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Thanks Stephanie!!!! I am sure that you all prob. think that I am nuts for being such a baby.lol.
-Stevie and Conner
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Two spays and two nueters here - I resisted the urge to call the vet 20 times each day.... I restricted it to two.

I agree with everyone, he may be groggy for a day or so. But in general he should know nothing is a-MISS-ing.
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I alway worried before (and after) my kitties had their spay or neutering surgeies as well.
I have 3 male kitties who were all nuetered.
They were a bit groggy for a day but otherwise were their normal selves.
I'm sure your baby will do fine.

Sending good vibes to Conner.
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lol...yeah the groggyness....plus Emmet like walked around like he was drunk for a while...lol....oh and mabby and doofus came home with what looked like water around the eyes....like they had been crying....but its just the groggyness, and dont worry about that either......have two nuetured cats and 1 spayed cat..I have to tell you that they will be fine
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Good Vibes and super ultra good Wishes!!!! he´s be fine Don´t worried!!!
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Thank all you guys who have recently replied (tracey, diane, bridget, and rigel)
I appreciate all of this so much,, it does help,,ALOT. You are all so sweet to reply and help sooth my scattered thoughts,,,although I still cant say that I am ok with it all yet.
LOL!! There may be a gliche in the process after all though, I can only get him neutered in the morning if my deposited check goes through in my account,, and so far nothing, and the vet doesnt like to take checks...yikes,,,I REALLy hope it goes through so that I can get it over with!!!
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I have 8 cats and all of them went through sugery. I still get nervous and hate to leave them and I have always worked where my animals have had surgery. Your baby will be fine, it's you who need to take deep breaths, put your feet up, that's it take it easy you will be fine. Your little guy will be so happy to see you he won't care about the surgery. Male cats don't have much to recover from and they usualy bounce back quickly.
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I work at a vet. hospital and I can assure you, your little kitty will be just fine. Male cat neuters are actually the easiest surgery. Meaning he won't be under long and there isn't much cutting/suturing, etc.

For both declaws and spays they are required to stay overnight. Neuter goes home same day. If you have another kitty I would suggest that you get a dirty shirt that smells like you and rub it on one cat and then the other. If he comes home smelling like the hospital then the other one won't recognize him.

Just remember that you are doing your little guy good -- he will be healthier and better off in the long run!
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Aww, Stevie, Conner will be just fine... Malakai knew what was going to happen when we went to the vet and he was petrified, they had to give him a sedative just to examine him... The vet told me that he wouldnt let anyone near the crate and that I would have to go back and get him... When he saw me he got up right away as if to say "mommy! save me!"... When he got home he was very groggy and he slept for the first two days.. It's been 2 weeks and he's calmed down A LOT!! Now, he actually climbs on top of me and sleeps with me... Something he hasnt done since he was a few weeks old... Trust me... he'll be good as new in a few days... Just give him a lot of TLC.. and a little tip in case he doesnt want to eat and becomes weak (because my Poocha (RIP) wouldnt eat after she was spayed)... My aunt gave her the blood from a cooked steak.. she lapped it up and was feeling 100% better in a couple hours... And, he's your boy... Boys love their mommy's..
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Thankyou 8cats and Katie---I am pleased to get advice from you pros!!I am starting to calm down about it I guess (actually,, to be honest,, I think I am just saying that,,,LOL) Thanks bunches again for taking the time to comfort a psychotic mommy. That advice about the shirt is very creative,, I dont have any other kitties but it is so thoughtful of you to offer such clever advice!
Liza-----It means alot to know that youve been through this too and that sweet Malakai is still ok. Thanks for the heads up about the feeding,, if it comes to that I am glad to have a trick up my sleeve. I think Conner knows too, he could have just picked up on my fake-calm attitude though since cats are so in tune w/ our emotions. But I went to the store and came back with some new toys for him and he just keeps walking around crying. He has food and toys and treats and clean litter, its not the "Im in pain" cry,he is fine physically, but he just keeps rubbing up against me, following me around, and meowing. Kind of like,,"look, I can be a good boy mom , promise! Dont do it!!"
LOL,, cats are very clever! But again thanks for the reply,, I super-appreciate it!
--Stevie and Conner
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awwwwww *BIG HUGS* to you!!! It has all been said before - but Conner is going to be just fine !! and we certainly do not think your nuts or being silly for asking all these questions - infact its great that you are!! We should all be as informed as we possibly can with any procedures that our babies are to go through.

Cedar came to me neutered already but Tipsy didnt - Tipsy was a sick kitten and I like you was frantic when he went in for his neutering - I as many people said resisted the urge to call the vet 100 times or camp out at his clinic for the day

know that we are all here for you & Connor as you go through this procedure
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That is so sweet Danielle, Thank you for confirming that I am not loony!! I think you had it right about camping out at the clinic,,,gave me a good laugh!!
I appreciate your kind words!! I absolutely love TCS and all the members,, if I havent said it before,,you guys are all so great, and I dont know where Id be with out ya!!!
--Stevie and Conner
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Stevie, sorry I have just caught up with this thread,
Oh my, the pain we put ourselves through for our pets, while they sit and watch us thinking we are losing it
Conner certainly picked out a good meowmy and I am sure he knows how special you are for caring so much!
I know the "please-don't-take-me-to-the-vet" cry! I get it everytime one of my 3 has to go in, and it breaks my heart
Don't worry my dear, Conner will sail through this with flying colors and the whole time wonder why his meowmy is so worried
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I totally understand how you feel, when I took Kahu in to be neutered, I thought he would never forgive me, but he is fine and the worlds biggest lovebug.

Conner will be fine, and will stay sweet!
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Thanks guys bunches!! Ash, isnt the vet cry so pitiful?LOL! And kellye, it is good to know that Kahu is a lovebug,, I am worried about Conner no longer being lovely and attentive towards me anymore.
But anyways,,, I will post tomorrow after I pick him up and let yall know,,,wait I'm lying,,,,I will prob. be posting all day out of nervousness and worry!!!lol!!!
You all have a good night,, talk some more manana!!

Stevie and Conner
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Ok guys, it is done. My little guy is at the vet. I only got three hours of sleep last night because he kept me up crying cuz he was hungry. They said not to feed him past nine at night but the prob w/ that is he is only a snack and go eater during the day, he really eats at night while everyone is asleep,, so he pretty much didnt eat anything yesterday and he howled for food all night. He would come sit on my chest and headbut my face to wake me up, and when he felt I was sufficiently awake, he would run over to his food bowl and meow to try to coax me to come feed him. I felt so bad. He was good on the way to the vet,, he loves car rides, so he was running all over my lap and purring loudly. When we got there he stayed hopelessly clung to my chest while I signed consent forms,LOL! He was ok until a cat from one of the back rooms started to yell miserably and loudly. I thought the poor cat back there was going to bust a vocal chord he was so loud , and that really freaked Conner out. When the guy took him out of my hands and started to walk to the back, Conner was looking over the guys shoulder at me,, with a look of astonishment, like " Mom, where is he taking me, dont leave me!!!" I was nearly in tears, and when the guy rounded the corner and Conner couldnt see me anymore he started meowing and crying,,and that just did it!! The inevitable happened and I started to tear up and sniffle and I couldnt discipline my tears into not coming out so they poured and I was a big, BIG, baby. I felt like I was sending him to his doom. I am ok now,, although I already want to call!!!
LOL!!! I just wanted to thank you guys for being so great and supportive,, I will post again when I get him back at 4:30pm.
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Aww Stevie, been there, done that. Two spays and one neuter here. When I dropped of Trixie, my first, I blubbered all over the papers I was signing, etc. I think that is natural. These are our babies and we're leaving them with strangers to have an operation, no matter how simple the procedure is.
I can tell you from experience, all 3 were fine. Quiet for the first 12 hours or so, but are soon back to their old, cuddly sweet selves....you'll see.
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Thankyou,,,I sure hope all is well w/ Conner and he is back to his old self soon!!!!
I cant wait to go pick him up!
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Ok,,,he's home. He was so happy to see me when I picked him up. I also got antibiotics for him because he has an upper respiratory infection. He is groggy and slightly wobbly. I figured hed be starving but he shows an intense interest in just smelling his food and hasnt eaten yet. I dont know if he is upset or just scared, but he is camping out in the dark beneath the bed. Im sad, cuz I want to love on him right now and try to comfort him, but the peace and quiet under there will prob do him some good after a long day at the vets. So,, TaaDAaa~!!! Im am still alive!! I havent passed out from worry , and I thank God that it is over now,, I am already anxious to see him get back to his old self,,,impatient mommy.
Well guys, thanks again for the support, couldnt have done it with out ya!!!
--Stevie and the disoriented cat; Conner
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I'm glad Conner is back home and hopefully he'll be back running around tomorrow Sending tons *Healing Vibes* for him.
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Yippee, Conner's home!You made it, Stevie! Don't worry, he'll feel more like himself soon!
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Ahh, i had my Lena spayed, because it was something that i agreed to with my breeder.. and i cried.. i had to leave her for 2 nites.. and i missed her sooo much...
I am supposed to be getting Orie fixed soon.. very soon actually. i havent called the vet or anything yet, because i will miss her soo bad..

I think that Lena has calmed down since i had her fixed.. Although she never really was a hyper cat.. She's gottin kind of fat now, but is ok.. shes a cutie!!

no worried.. and lots of and hugs while u wait for your baby to be back in your arms!
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