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Malakai Discovered Catnip!!

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I went to visit my best friend's parents yesterday... and, in addition to my xmas and bday gifts, Mom gave Malakai a little present... One of those toys you fill with Catnip ... So, this morning when I got home, I put all the stuff down on my chair, forgetting about Malakai's gift... but, it was too late... He sniffed it out!! by the time I could get to it he had the toy in his mouth... So, I filled it for him and tossed it... He hasnt left it alone since... Oh, except to jump on my stereo and knock over the one present I got for Christmas that I actually liked... It fell on the floor, smashing into his dish and shattered into a million pieces... so did the dish... This little monster is gonna be the death of me... LoL
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Oh Liza....your little one has discovered the wonders of catnip! Get ready for a crazy cat!
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Good for Malakai!!!! behave yourself Malakai! Obey your mommie!
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My little menace is a newly found out cat-crack addict too liza!!! Seems like youve got your hands full!!!!
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You know.. I realized that my little boy was all grown up when he decided that the good time gecko that Pat sent me was the best think on earth!
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What fun, Malakai!
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Hey! Don't encourage him, you guys!!

LoL! He is kinda funny.. Kitty Weed... He's turning out just like his daddy lol
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He managed to break 2 things today!!! That's more than he's broken in 6 months!!...
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How exciting that the little one discovered catnip - I want my kitten to go nutty for it too! Sorry about your broken stuff though...
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Sorry about the casualties but they are sure a hoot when they've got a buzz on, aren't they?

Congratulations, Malakai -- have a grand time, lad!
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Well I know you saw my thread and pictures of Shelby getting into the catnip this morning! She loves that stuff. The funny thing is.....last night...I had put a little of it on their scratching post as a treat.....and Shelby and Thomas were the ones who seemed most affected by it. Cooper just got really mellow....laid on his back and stared at the ceiling. But Shelby and Thomas were practically fighting over who got to be on the scratching post! Shelby gets real beligerent when it comes to catnip. She wants it all...and will hiss and spat and anyone else who comes near her while she's trying to enjoy her "buzz." Thomas just gets really playful and loveable....rolling around wanting attention. Leo and Abby don't seem affected by it at all. They pretty much ignore it.
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