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Does anyone cat have a sweet tooth?

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I know this can't be good for Twagee but she is developing a sweet tooth.Now mind you her food dish is kept full all the time, but because of the children droping crumbs on the floor (i.e., twinkies cupcakes whatever) before I can get to them to clean up or I clean it up Twagee gets there!

I didn't know that animals can have a sweet tooth....
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I have to watch everything i have with Sophie because she'd eat anything thats in my hand if i let her!.

I do give her the odd lick of my ice cream if i have some but never chocolate!.
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Gandalf has a major sweet tooth. I hide everthing sweet in cabinets so he can't get to it otherwise I'd have nothing to feed my own sweet tooth with.
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Our daughter's cat Mika loves sweet things. We have to be careful what we leave around or she'll help herself. She's particularly fond of Oreo cookies!
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When I first got Spot and let him roam around the house, he stole two chocolate chip cookies from the container on the counter. I thought I had closed the container well enough after that, but apparently I hadn't, so he stole two more the next night!

Once, my boyfriend and I left Willow alone in my old apartment with some lemon cupcakes. She dragged several of them off the counter and took little nibbles from them.

Oh, and my mom's cat, Hannah, loves dried apricots. She will rip into containers and bite them off your fingers.
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I read somewhere someplace that cats naturally have a sweet tooth, which is why it's so important to clean up antifreeze (because both dogs & cats love the sweet taste, and it's poisonous!).

I have one sweet-toothie... my little Dusty! She likes the weirdest stuff. Her favorite thing is Ritz crackers with peanut butter on them. She also begs (sits up with her front paws kneading at the air, meowing soulfully) for the milk leftover in the cereal bowl! She prefers the milky leftover from Frosted Flakes; who doesn't?

I know it's not good for her so she only gets it every now and then, and not much. But oh boy that whining and begging really tugs the heartstrings.

I have another cat who has an egg-fetish. You even remove the egg from the fridge, and he makes this sound like a dove. He knows you're going to cook it somehow and feed him bits.
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Yes, both of mine have this, and I am very careful what I leave about in the kitchen as they are both terrible food-thieves. My OH is always giving them treats though - then he moans that they are always begging from him. I ask him, why do you think this is then? and he has no answer to that one!!
The really odd thing about Milly is that she's not that keen on meat - she doesn't like beef or turkey but she will eat strawberry jam, bread, cookies etc. I have a theory that once she lived rough and scavenged bins to get food, maybe that is how she developed her weird eating preferences.

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I also once had a cat, Juniper, who would leap on the breakfast table and take the left-over sweet milk from cereal bowls if not stopped. It was the only milk he tried to get. Ellie likes sweet biscuits and cake crumbs and steals them from dishes, but she is generally greedy and will eat almost anything.
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Mer won't touch human food - not even chicken or tuna.... Unless it's sweet. His absolute favourite are freezer pops (the skinny ones in plastic tubes). He'll practically stick his head in my mouth for a taste. He also likes pudding, ice cream, cookies, frosting, whipped cream, and jam. Every so often I'll give him just a little tiny bit, just because he's such a sweetheart.
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I once had a cat who would sit on my shoulder and intercept Slim-Fast shakes in transit from can to mouth.
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Charlotte doesn't beg for human food most of the time, but she will beg for the creamy white filling from Little Debbie snack cakes!!
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