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Hi everyone! I'm new

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Hi everyone! I'm new. I started reading some threads & felt I'd come home ! It took a couple days to get brave enough to post though !
It's great to be among people who are as cat-smitten as I am! I have 4 wonderful fur-kids:

Jesabel is eldest: She's all-black, DLH, petite, loves my lap, but NOTbeing picked up! I adopted her @ abt. 1 yr. old. She was dropped off @ a farm, they had her spayed, & put an ad in the paper. She sounded beautiful! When I went to see her.... she had a flea/food allergies & looked awful! I took her anyway - got rid of the fleas naturally, no chemicals, & after 4 tries found food that agreed with her. She filled out, & her fur grew in, glossy & thick. She's now 13 1/2. She has a bit of arthritis in her hip, and early hyperthyroidism (my vet & I caught it very early).She's on low-dose tapazole, & glucosamine/chondroitin. She still looks like a kitten, & is still playful, if not quite as quick, due to her hip. There are times I've wished she was more of a cuddler, but I know she's who she is, & shows her love for me in her own way. She has a terrific motor, which I hear often! At times, she decides my bangs are in dire need of neatening up, & grooms them for me .

Then came Dudley: Big, handsome, plush, bit of a jealous streak, Mama's Boy! I took him in when my cousin moved & couldn't have pets. He was abt 1 1/2 yrs. old. LOVES to play with milk-jug rings. Yodels to me as he runs through the house with it----the Great Hunter . I always tell him that HE is the true Lord of the Rings !!! He's a DLH/blk&wh Tux cat w/black face (exc. for a sm. wh spot under nose), a lot o' white whiffkers, stylish white "jabot", white -shaped chest spot, white spot on tum, & white socks & mitts. He has a favorite chair & a favorite way to sleep on it: on his back, rt. side against back of chair, feet up in air, curled, tail straight out to left, left paw curled up on chest, & right paw as a pillow for his head. I always sneak a little smooch on his tummy, the picture is so irresistable! If he thinks he's lacking attn., he'll pout & often try to find a pair of my shoes to "rabbit-kick" . He's now abt. 9 y, VERY playful, loves to be in the midst of everything, enjoys laying across my shoulders (kinda wrapped around my neck) while I putter around the house, & likes be to held while I type on the comp (yes- I'm holding him!)

Next came Miles...He's a piece of Sun in a fur coat. He's full of Love, Gentleness, & Sweetness. He started out @ the shelter. Then, (not sure which was 1st- )he was adopted, but hid for 3 mo. They gave up. The shelter placed him @ PetSmart for more exposure. Sadly- someone got careless, he got out of his cage & it took them 3 or 4 days to find him. By then, the shelter's new facility was up, & Miles was sent there. Poor, confused baby. I volunteer there, & Miles needed to be re-socialized after all he'd been through. People would pass him by- he hid on the shelf of his kennel...if you reached in, he loved to be petted, but to take him out was to take him blankets & all! In the play room, he'd just sit on the cat-tree, looking scared . I kept working with him. One of the workers, Tammy, kept saying she thought he should go home with me. I said I doubted Dudley's nose would ever get back in joint if I did that! Next time I went in... Mile's picture was gone, so I asked a shelter worker abt. it, thinking, well, that's been taken out of my hands, & yet sad that it had been! The girl said "Oh! --no, we just want to get a better picture of him where he doesn't look so scared! I knew then I loved him & he'd be coming HOME. He was accepted @ home w/o 1 hiss, growl, or swat by Dudley- after all that worry!!! Jesabel actually likes him, (she'll never admit it to you, though). Miles loves to communicate with "maw"s, trills & prutts. He has a way of doubling his syllables when he "talks", so it sounds like he's calling me "Mawmaw"!!! He jumps up into my arms from the floor: he "asks" if it's ok, explains how he's going to jump, & oh,how high it is, then a little "prrrut" as he lands, to say -" I've done it!" He was abt. 1yr,9mo @ adoption & is now 3yrs, 5 mo. He's a DLH /blk&wh tux cat w/blaze,the LONGEST whiskers I've EVER seen (the longest shed, so far, was over 6 5/8" long!!!), huge white bib, wh that cont's. all t'way down his tum, big white mitts, & white "knee socks" (well, looks like the left 1 fell, but he doesn't seem to mind ). He's a long, tall cat. He likes to lay with arms stretched all the way out in front ,& legs all the way out in back. When he does, he measures a yard long! (BTW, anyone else have a cat who lays this way? I've seen dogs that do, but not cats!) He went from scared stiff, to part ragdoll. When I hold him, he gets so relaxed, his arms & legs get loose & dangly!

Last, but not least, is little Hazel. Brought to the shelter by a woman who found her, but whose boyfriend or husband wouldn't let her keep her. I took her out of the box. Oh, what a face! The woman's Vet said the kitten was abt. 5 wks, but the size of a 3 wk old. I decided to foster her until big enough for pediatric spay. Tiny- but..1st time out of pen: found the drinking fountain; next night- found a way up/into the BIG litterboxes, (taller than her!) tho she had a tiny one of her own. 1st time the 2 BIG BOYS saw her?..... they ran!!! I asked if they were a bit embarrassed! But - they soon both took to her & she to them. Jes tries not to let anyone notice how much she enjoys Hazel's antics! I kept emotionally "hook, line" but not "sinker" with Hazel because, if it had stressed Jes.., I knew she'd need to find a good home with someone else. Once I saw how well she fit in, I looked into her face 1 nite as she slept in my arms- & was sunk! Well- didn't make any sense to uproot her- right? She's now 15 weeks old. She's a DMH- (that could change,her tail's gettin' bushy!) She's a Torbie, (tabby/tortie combo), but an odd version: tortie down her back , & tabby everywhere else! She loves to dive under area rugs (dunno why- just does ),& loves to play-wrestle w/both the boys. Even Jes seems more social & active since her arrival!!! They even play a little bit!

So.. that's my crew! I'll post picks asap! Thanks for learning about my babies! They are my heart & soul, a major part of my life, as I know yours are to you! I look forward to learning about them too!
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Welcome to you and your fur-family! I'm glad you've found our little home away from home.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!
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Hi, welcome to TCS, Jody, Jessabel, Dudley, Miles, and Hazel !So glad you've joined us and look forward to seeing more of you!Your family sound so wonderful, and I already feel as if I know each of your babies so well! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you explore our site, please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hey and welcome to you and your large fur family! We're glad you're here - you all sound great!
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I have to say this is the best forum I have found. I have posted to other boards and find them very clicky and felt very unwelcome. But this board is very friendly!! Welcome and come on in.
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Glad you got brave and decided to post.I am sure you will love it here.There are a lot of wonderful people on this board.
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Welcome to TCS!!!! Don't be away
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Hello and welcome to you and all of your furbabies!!!

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Welcome to you and your babies.
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a bit belated but...


so glad you found the courage to post - certainly a wonderful bunch here and I am so pleased you have found your home away from home - we sure are pleased to have you here
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I'm a little late as well but I wanted to take the chance to welcome you to TCS!!
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Thanks, everyone, for the friendly welcomes ! You may have seen me here before you saw my intro; that's because I was a silly "kitten" & posted it as a reply in a thread instead of starting my own! I really wanted to have my kids get their "moment in the sun", so to speak, & DawnofSierra helped to put things right (thank you, Stephanie). You're all a wonderful group of people to hang out with! Thanks again!! A few more weeks, & I hope to have a digital camera, so I can share some pics. Have been enjoying all of yours!
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JeDuMiHaMama!! Hello & welcome to TCS! We're all glad to have you here! Would love to see your furbutts' pictures! I'm sure they're as lovely as they sound from your post.
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Originally Posted by Jalapeno
JeDuMiHaMama!! Hello & welcome to TCS! We're all glad to have you here! Would love to see your furbutts' pictures! I'm sure they're as lovely as they sound from your post.
Thanks!!! I am so anxious to get pics posted! My brother visited @ Christmas- He got a little inexpensive promo-type dig. cam.for me to use 'til I can get a decent one, but left it on his kitchen counter!!! Arrrggh! That almost made it worse- knowing that I have one, but can't use it. He has to program it into my computer or something, so I'll have to wait until he visits again (he lives 8 hrs away!), unless I get the funds to buy one myself before then. A scanner would be nice, as I have scads of beautiful reg. pics I'd love to post, especially one of Miles, that was in my shelter's fund-raising annual desk-planner. It's my fave pic of him.
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Ooh bummer! I know what you mean. Maybe somebody can lend you his/her digicam or scanner. Let us know once you've got pics posted! Can't wait for them!
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