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Does Anyone Know Where We Can Go From Here?

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We've been caring for some colonies of ferals for over 6 years now. They've all been TNR'd, we feed/water daily and now some very IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners are letting their dogs get loose in the park. They're killing the animals and we don't know where to go from here. Here's a note from one of the park officials. Please help with any ideas on what we can do. They're killing our cats!

"The same dogs got loose again. The total is now 30 chickens (including Patty our little featherless chicken at the Fruit Shed) and 7 or 8 cats. I have not seen Wookie (that's what I call him anyway) the big fluffy siamese persian looking kitty who lives in the Mill & Granary. The parks guy said there was a white one up by the Main House, a dusty one in the barnyard and one of the white and black spotted ones from the Mainentance yard. They have cited the owner twice now, but the city isn't really moving on it, so the rangers are issuing a vicious dog citation in hopes of getting the dogs taken care of somehow. What makes me angry is that if it was peacocks getting killed, the city would be all over it, but "it's just chickens and cats" it the basic attitude we get from the higher ups. Let me know if you see Wookie. I sure like him. I will let you know if anything happens with the dogs. Thanks for caring for the critters!"
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You need to hit them in the place that is going to hurt the worse...their wallet. Set a price on each animal killed and hand the dog owner a bill. I know, its callous to try to set a price on a cat's life, but this may get them to think twice about letting their dogs loose.

Is there a leash law in your city? In my city its against the law to let dogs off the leash except in your own yard or certain areas of the park. That may be another way to cite the owners.
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All this has happened. The City fined and cited them, but they're still letting them loose. Yes, there's a leash law so I've notified the Mayor, Vice-Mayor, head of Parks and Recreation, and all the News Stations. I received a note today from the Vice-Mayor and they have their staff working on it!! I will not let this rest until it is taken care of. I don't want any harm to the dogs, just put in a homes where they are with responsible pet owners!
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Let the higher up's know if a child is bitten by these dogs you will testify on the behalf of the family that you have been trying to get the dogs removed to no avail. They had time to do something about the dogs before the bite and did not act. This would greatly increase the compensation for the families. I would also go to the news papers and try to get a story out about the dogs and their owners.
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Look at filing a civil action to recover the value of the cats / chickens. Hit them in the wallet. Also, see if you can determine who holds the mortgage on their home (sometimes this can be found through the city assessor's office) and send a letter to the mortgage company asking that they forward to the insurance carrier for the homeowner's policy. Politely explain that dogs owned by this property owner have killed domestic animals and livestock and may (keyword MAY) present a danger to children in the area. As a concerned resident, you want to make sure that they (the other DEEP POCKETS) are aware (and if they weren't - they are NOW) that they could be liable for big $$$$ if these animals attack a person. Most civil cases require that the owner or agents have been given PRIOR notice (and that is what your letter does) making them more liable for their animals actions. May get the dogs removed...
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What does your local ACO say? And your county supervisor? Here in my county in CA, as soon as a dog kills livestock, the owner can obtain a predator depradation permit; 30 dead chickens certainly qualifies someone for that! Even if the livestock owner doesn't intend to terminate the dogs, a posted warning that " Fido & Poochie (no, my wookums-pookums would never do a thing like that) will be shot" may be a deterrent as well. This is a very interesting case - I'll keep checking up on this one!
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After contacting the Mayor, Vice Mayor, Head of Parks & Recreation, and all News Stations...the owner had a hearing and dogs were taken from him! He has several fines to pay, and a guarantee the dogs cannot get out again before they are returned to him!
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