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How much dependancy is too much?

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I am concerned about Danielle's behavior.

I don't know if this is normal or not.

During the day, she follows me EVERYWHERE. Now I don't mind at all.
(Except I feel guilty when I have to go out and run errands)

But is this normal? I realize that she came from an environment with tons of other cats around, but she seems so, soooooo dependant on me. Is she emotionally okay???

I am thinking, this may be because she is still afraid of my husband (we are still medicating her), ...and she feels that I am IT.

Has anyone else experienced a cat that clings all the time?

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You should feel flattered, not everyone has a cat following them around.

I have a friend who had a two-week-old orphaned kitten given to her. My friend bottle fed this kitten and managed to keep the kitten alive, even though it was her first cat.

My friend's cat is five-years-old now. The cat has always followed her from room to room, and gets nervous when she can't find my friend. My friend can't even go outside in the summer alone, because the cat will be at the window meowing until it can join her.

Possibly there is something in Danielle's past which is causing her to feel dependent on you.

When my cat, Midnight, was alive, she used to follow me, but not in a clingy way. I always thought it was really cute and flattering when she did this.

There may be other people here who can give you a better answer
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Thank you. Yes she loves people, and I am with her most of the time. She meows pissily at me if I she wants me to lie on the couch and let her lie on my chest, and I am not doing it! :LOL: Of course I accomodate her majesty. :LOL:

I just spoke to a friend who has 3 cats. One of her cats follows her all the time. Just to be with her. So even with other cats around, he stays by her side.

I am sad to say, I just found out that this friend has to put one of her cats to sleep tomorrow. I am going with her. I feel so bad for her and the kitty, but he is very sick. She had him from a stray for 11 years.

Well, anyway, I am glad that perhaps Danielle is okay, and being near her "human" all the time is a normal thing for some cats.
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My kitty used to be like that but as she has matured is less so. I decided she has decided I won't be leaving her so she doesn't follow my every step. She does like to be near by but will wait quite a while to see if I'm coming back before she seeks me out. Also I think now that she's nearly a year old she is just too lazy to keep following me all the time. HaHa

Enjoy her devotion now while it is so cute. As she matures she may become more independent.
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My 3 cats follow me everywhere I go. They are usually not clingy (unless they want to be petted); just want to be whereever I am.

Minnosh watches me from the counter when I am in the kitchen. She also watches me while I am taking a bath; she waits in front of the door if I close the door. She is up on the counter when I am washing my hands in the bathroom. She even watches me while I'm trying to do my job in the restroom

Mavish has just started jumping up on the counters & watching me from there as Minnosh does. But Minnosh doesn't like neither Mavish nor Yumosh, so she runs away whenever they come

Mavish & yumosh follow me when I feed the fish & when I watch the tank. They will watch them with me

Mavish & Yumosh are on my desk until I go to sleep. Minnosh is also very close by. Before, she was on the desk, but Yumosh & Mavish took her priority

They also follow me to the couch/bed whenever I take a nap or sleep

Minnosh always greets us when we come home :tounge2:

Oooh, I love my cats dearly

Aren't all cats lovable, huggable, kissable...
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Mandy and Dodo,


I don't mind that she follows me around :LOL:LOL: I just wanted to know if that is normal.. But I do feel terribly guilty when I have to leave the apartment, she sits there looking at me with those widdle sad face...coo coo oohhhhh adorable! Or when I go to bed at night and she looks at me the same way.

Or if she is lying on my chest on the couch during the day, and I have to get up, she meows like "Mommy you are being Mean!!" :LOL:

AAhh guilt guilt guilt.........
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I have a few apron clingers. I usually find it very amusing unless I am in a hurry to rush out the door or to do soemthing. I actually almost stepped on one of them because they were going in and out of my feet. I dont usually feel guilty when I go to the store or to work because they have each other to play with. However, I feel VERY guilty when I go away for a weekend, I think I miss them more than I miss my hubby
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For years I had a cat I named Dog because she always followed me around like that. She wasn't a lap cat but she seemed to like company and was interested in what I was doing. I think they get bored without us to amuse them!

My boys often follow me around, but it's usually because they want something. They follow me into the bathroom so I'll turn the water on for them to have a drink. They follow me into the living room and run ahead into the kitchen in the hope of getting more food. They prance around me going into the bedroom probably because they think I'm up too late. Actually they seem happiest when we are all together and they can keep an eye on us! I wonder how many other people have feline shepherds?
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