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Got Some GOOD News Today!

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I almost forgot to tell everyone my good news!

My boyfriend, who I've been with for the past year, told me a couple of months ago, that his unit was going to be deployed to the Middle East sometime after the first of the year. He said they would get their official orders during January drill. So we've both been trying to prepare for it mentally....but it's been very hard thinking that he would be leaving and I wouldn't see him at all for over a year. He had just gotten back from the Middle East last year, shortly before we began dating.

Well today, he called me on the way home from drill and I asked, "So what's the deal? Did you find out when you're leaving and where you're going?" He said that the "official" word is that his unit will NOT be activated until 2007-2008 and then it would most likely be a "Homeland Security" assignment....meaning that he would not have to go overseas to the war!

So as of right now.......he doesn't have to go! I'm so excited! I realize that things could change and he still may have to go.....but for the moment....he's staying home.
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Ahh!! Thats great!!
my friend whos in the AF has to go over to iraq feb. 28th. that really scares me... he goes there 45days, and is at his US base 45 days for the next 4 1/2 years
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So glad to hear Robin.
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That's Great news!! Now you can relax, at least for the time being. Best wishes for the two of you.
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It's so wonderful to hear good news!!!! I'm happy for you two, you can rest a little easier
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Thanks everyone. It is definitely wonderful news! When he first told me back in November, he thought he would be going to Afghanastan most likely...and would be gone for 2 years. I cried for two days and then everytime I thought about it after that. Then he found out in December that they were shortening the tours and he would only be gone for a year. Still hard....but I felt I could deal with that better.

Now he doesn't have to go at all!
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WHOOOOO!!! That is amazing news!!! I am immensely happy for you and your boyfriend. I bet you are just jumping for joy.
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That's wonderful news!
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what marvelous news I am so pleased for you both
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oh Robin!!!
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Wonderful news! I'm so happy for both of you!
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