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Chambord: Delicious Decadence

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So I got some Chambord for Christmas from a client. I've always "liked" it, it was fine, made a great dessert drink when I wasn't busy. I don't drink much, but this was as good as anything else. Chambord is black raspberry liqueur.

Tonight, though, I decided to experiment. I made a Chambord shake for dessert.

Simple enough, but man, this was amazingly decadent and delicious. I had to make another one.

Take some vanilla bean ice cream, and blend it in a blender with some Chambord. Add some chocolate chips and frozen raspberries, and you'll have to make a second one.

Sooooooooooooo good. 70 hours of straight of rain? Sure, just make sure I've got enough Chambord and vanilla ice cream!

What's your favorite decadent dessert?

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MMMMMMMMMM. that sounds good! You should also try this drink:

one shot chambord
one shot hazelnut liquer
one cup milk.
it's called a "nuts and berries" and it is also delicious!
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Oh Michele that sounds sooo yum!

I don't have any decadant desserts... hand me some plain vanilla ice cream and chocolate topping and I'm set!
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Peanut M&M's.

70 hours of straight rain? Wow.
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mmmmmmmmm...... Yum!
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That sure does sound yummy!

Well one night last week I had mud cake, pink marshmellows, chocolate chips, hokey pokey & choc sauce and rocky road icecream. Omg yum!
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Chambord is one of my favorites too. While I was pregnant DH finished off our bottle!
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Nuts and Berries is my favorite drink! Chambord is really good in brownies, truffles, and cheesecakes as well. If you just take some cream, butter, chambord, and ghiradelli chocolate and melt it together in a double boiler, stick it in the fridge to let it set, and roll it into balls and cover with hardening chocolate... the best truffles ever! It is also really good with cranberry juice and a bit of sparkling water or sprite.
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