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strange behavior

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My cat plucks or kneads the blanket before going to sleep. Why does he do this and is it normal?
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I think it is a normal cat-thing. He is just comforting himself by kneading like he kneaded at his mother's breast when nursing as a baby.

My kittie's sleep routine is that she has to lie on my chest and suck on one of her paws (very noiseily) until she is ready for sleep. Then she gets up and goes to lie on the foot of the bed. I had hoped she would outgrow this habit which started when she was about 3 months old - now nearly a year and still does it.
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Tigger kneads the blanket on the couch right before she goes to sleep. She rubs her nose, too. :tounge2:
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my cats usually do this before they go to sleep in an area (or even just lay down) to make sure it's comfy. It's their way to do the same thing as if we were to fluff a pillow (or so it seems to me)
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Angus and Pepper (mostly Pepper) do this too. I don't mind - but my husband does not enjoy it nearly as much when she does it in his lap!!! hahahahahaha

It's just their way of getting cozy. I feel priviledged that they consider my body cozy (well...hmmmm..maybe I should rethink that!)

Pepper, Angus, Baxter, Zeke, and Sascha's mom
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It's very common and is indeed a kittenish behavior - kittens knead their mom's teats to get the milk flowing. Don't expect them to outgrow it... part of the charm of our cats is that they're always kittens at heart. If he only kneads the blanket consider yourself lucky Most cats prefer their owners. My Mishmish does it and she doesn't always remember to retract her claws - ouch!
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I bet that's when he purr's the loudest too
I don't think this is a case of normal or not normal behavior, its an instinct that's left over from feeding , when they kneed at their mother to help extract the milk.
All of mine do it ,from the baby to the eldest, Roxane likes to do it in Terry's armpit needless to say that is not the time he finds her most adorable.
Mishka still does it and even my Monty he is seven ,every time he gets on my lap he starts kneading , we have named this phenomena doing puddins.
Personally I love it , I think it is so cute.
When my Midnight was still alive he used to enjoy doing it so much that he would drool and he was 19 years old at the time
Enjoy it, its yet another precious memory

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Our Maine Coon cat, Molly, has been doing what we call nummy, nummy since we have her. She was 6 weeks old when we got her from a shelter and was a year old 10-28-01. She does this when we go to bed and usually picks my stomach to do her kneading. She does it for about 15 minutes and when she is through she falls asleep between myself and my husband. I kinda like this behavior as she is really not very affectionate most of the time and I feel this is one way of showing me that she does in fact love my as much as I love her.

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Snowball also likes to knead, but only when he is in someone's lap. He doesn't knead blankets or other objects.
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