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What is your favourite holiday?

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Well, with christmas and New Year's just behind us, I was wondering what everyone's favourite holiday is......
Mine is christmas, I think.
(P.S.) I'm also testing out my new signature
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Aw love the signature Leli!

My favourite holiday is new Years day! A new beginning!
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Halloween is my daughter's b-day, and Winter solstice we celebrate the sun and stars and such.
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Looks brilliant, Leli! You did a wonderful job!

I like Halloween
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Originally Posted by catlover7731
Halloween is my daughter's b-day, and Winter solstice we celebrate the sun and stars and such.
Halloween is my dad's birthday... we use to joke that he turned into a vampire or something then. It explained his grouchiness.

I'm afraid I like Valentine's Day... not really the day itself, if I at least get a "I love you" from my boyfriend I'll be happy... I just like the idea of everything pink and red, romance in the air... yes I'm cheesy.
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Halloween is my favourite holiday. I love getting dressed up and it's fun to see what other people come up with. The area that I live in gets a lot of cool people who put loads of effort into their costumes and the atmosphere is very light hearted.

My favourite day of the year in this city however is Pride. The parade is always so much fun and the after parties are wild. A few of my friends and I make matching outfits and take lots of crazy pictures and there's a huge street party until midnight. It's just fabulous and so much fun. Everyone is happy and loved and you see every community come together and smiling.
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I agree, Pride day is great in TO. I like most parades....but this one is during the warm weather!!!
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For sure! There's no way I would go if it was in the winter! :P
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My favorite is Christmas! Great new siggy, Leli!
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Definitely Christmas.

Although.....I've been struggling to get back the Christmas cheer since my mom died a couple of years ago just a few weeks after Christmas. That was HER favorite holiday and she always made it so special for all of us ever since I was a child. Her excitement over Christmas was contagious and it's been hard since she died. But we're trying to make new traditions and I'm doing my best to carry on my mom's Christmas cheer for my kids.
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I'm sorry to hear about your Mom, Robin. My mom makes a huge deal out of Christmas as well. I love Christmas as well. I just love to carve pumpkins. That's why I love Halloween. Plus all of those cute Treaters. They've all grown in our neighborhood though now.
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Fourth of July with Thanksgiving a nose behind.
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i dont know what my favorite holiday is
used to be Christmas.. but, its not even like christmas anymore bcuz grandma is gone...

my birthday is my favorite! lol.. bcuz its in the summer time.. and warm.. and ahh, i just love it
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I think mine is Thanksgiving, followed closely by Christmas. Especially if we are able to spend that time with the family!
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I sure know what you mean Robin, I lost my mom on Dec. 26th 8 years ago, and Christmas was her favorite holiday as well as mine. I guess it still is, but it just isn't the same anymore for me.
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It's not a holiday but it's my very favorite time of the year....April 16 The day after the deadline for filing taxes. I can't wait for it to get here now...Please hurry! Now as far as a real holiday that would have to be Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love getting together with the family and pigging out. Of course we all regret it after the huge meals but the company is good
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