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Duchess, my black and white 14-year-old, is quite ill. She's had bloodwork and does not have diabetes or kidney failure. We inherited her last July from my deceased father-in-law and she had a bad tooth. This was pulled but she's lost over 2 lb. since then,vomits almost daily and looks like a walking skeleton. She is on prednisolone till I can get a definitive cancer diagnosis from an oncologist but I started her on goldenseal--3 drops/half teaspoon,three times a day. I got this prescription and amount from a book on natural health care. Is this too much for her weight? The nearest alternative vet is in Naperville, IL and I live in Prospect Hts., over an hour away with dry roads and light traffic. If you can point me to an "ask the Vet" section on a site with alternative pet health Duchess and I would be grateful.