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feline aids

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We have 3 cats, one infected with aids. He has been ill for the past week, not responding to antibiotics and has stopped eating. We just found out last week with this infection that he had aids. He was bitten in the ear in 1999 and had a severe infection then but responded to treatment. Had been healthy until now. He's lost 5 pounds!All of our cats have been indoor/outdoor cats and the other 2 have had bites that have become infected. The other 2 also responded to initial treatment. Now we are faced with many decisions. Any information or experiences with this situation would be appreciated.
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I'm sorry that I have no information to offer you, but I have never heard of animals getting aids.Is it like the human aids, & can it spread to your other cats, since cats clean each other & often eat out of the same bowls. What has your vet told you to expect? Can you get it from your cat?
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People refer to feline aids as several things. What did the vet say it was..FELV or FIV?
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I think they usually mean FIV which is the feline version of HIV (human AIDS).

Have you read this article?
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