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Going to get Spayed

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Well, Thursday is the big day. Tabby is going to get fixed. So what should I expect? I am planning on being home with her for most of the weekend.
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I'll bet she'll be woozy after the operation... The anesthetics take time to wear off (about 24 hours or so). Make sure she doesn’t have any access outdoors during that time.

When I was a kid we had two female cats and we had both of them spayed. I remember when Lucky was back from her operation. She was still unsteady but she managed to get out of the house during the night (they were both outdoor/indoor cats). I was so worried about her the next day. She showed up only in the evening, probably as she was starting to feel better.

I think that the strange feeling and maybe the pain made her try and get way from it all by running away for a while...

Give our love to Tabby!
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Hey Megan!

Any news? How is she coming along?
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Everything went well. Apparently she was the naughty cat in the kennel - every time they opened her cage she climbed up onto a shelf they had on top of the cages!!! That's my kitty! (when I first got her she was trying to climb up the edge of the cage too - she loves to climb things. We're getting a real tree for christmas this year - she's going to love it!).

When I went to pick her up she was not happy - she was hissing at everyone. When we got home she was fine though - cuddlier than usual She had to take pain medicine which she hates.

She seems to be behaving normally, except that she hasn't slept with me for the last too nights or woken me up in the morning like she always does.

Oh, and I didn't get her declawed.
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I'm glad all went well.

I didn't know you were considering declawing her! It's a good thing you didn't, especially as she likes to climb. It's a very very painful procedure for cats.
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