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Wanting to adopt kitten

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We live in RI and are looking for a kitten of any breed to adopt. We have a whippet that is super super nice to ALL animals (has been around cats). I also have 4 children who are wanting to give love to a little kitten.

If you have , or know someone who has kittens and needs to find a home for them I would love to give one of them a very loving home.
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Shelters are almost always full to the brim of cats looking for a good home. If you don't know where shelters are in your area, try www.petfinder.com for cats looking for homes in your area.
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If your children are under the age of ten or so, I would recommend that you get a cat or older kitten, rather than a baby kitten. A bigger kitten or cat would be a little sturdier and the kids would be able to handle it more. And you would be teaching your kids about rescuing a cat that would otherwise be put to death. Always a good lesson. Be sure your dog can reliably do a down, stay for introductions. Have fun. Becky
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I too would recommend a local shelter. Most of them will welcome you with open arms if you are able to prove you are an adequate adopter. They need the room that will open up once you take a cat home. I would also recommend an older cat, and perhaps one that has already been declawed if you are afraid that your kids might be scratched.
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Petfinder is a great site, my last two were listed on there - the first I found him first at Petsmart and then found his picture on-line he was 2 years old when I got him - my last one Andy (1 year) I found at petfinder and met the lady at petsmart -where their organization adopts out cats. These two were my first non-kitten adoptions - I would highly recommend it!
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Petfinder(as was said before is a great place to find cats), Also petsmart has adoption centers inside the stores( I don't know if there is one where you are). I don't agree with the age of 10 being the age to adopt a kitten, I think it depends on the child. We adopted a kitten with my daughter being 4 1/2, but I don't think any younger than that is proper for a kitten. But an older cat is great to adopt, there are lots out there who need home, are all ready fixed, trained and need lots of love. Remember with adopting a cat what you will need , litter boxes, dishes, food, water, toys, shots, medicine, and lots of love and maybe another cat to play with .
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Too bad you dont live here in Tennessee. I have some kittens I would just love to see get a good, loving home. :-(
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