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Just faces

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I've always loved cat faces. I took some pics of my felienes(including my fosters), and cut out just the faces... here they are. So far mostly Rage, if anyone has any faces, not really closeups, just faces



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More... the kittens

Gotta get the girl in

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Aw precious! I especially love that one of Myth!
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Lots of pretty faces here!
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Cute kitties.
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Love it!!!!!!!!
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I've posted this one of Nedicks more than once, but I love her face here, she looks so serious...

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What beautiful, sweet faces!
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Aw Steph that's one of my favorite pictures of Sierra!

Great thread guys!
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Does this count?

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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Does this count?

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Just look at little Baylee hiding!
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I want to every one of those sweet faces!!!!
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AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwww BLANKET FACES I love blanket faces.
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Here's some faces!



Stormy (she alway looks kind of angry in her pics! ) :




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What great faces
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Excuse the eye goop. He is recovering from a cold.

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mikonu, those are great faces They all have such beautiful eyes
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Faces, eh? want faces...OK...

But before I do, what a loooooooooooooot of lovely faces have gone before...defintely worthy of a snuggle in the neck ruff

OK..first the Bun, Miss Cindy, who doesn't show her face to the camera often, and when she does, it tends to look like a major nuisance to her...

but then that's tortietude for you...

then there's our little Ham, Fawn...this is not a particularly good photo, being one of the very first that I took with the first digital camera, before I realized that the lowest resolution might be adequate for emailing, but that's about all...however, I still like the pic, despite the quality...

and this one will be familiar, but it's one of my faves...

and last, but not least, our little martyr, Miss Sooz, who also doesn't show her face to the camera all that often, but when she does, it's kinda pretty...

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Love the tongue
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"Mr. Attitude" The Sammycat Can't you just see the attitude in this picture it reeks of it.

Oscar's Pick me up Mommy face
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Oh, Miss Rosie, you are a little character, you are!!
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This is one of my favourite pictures on the whole board...

what an absolute sweetie!

Edited to add: If this were my kitty, this pic would probably be my computer wallpaper
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ok, here are the faces i have - i just took the definitive face shot last night, but haven't uploaded the pics!

Cable, 1st week i got her

Cable, a month ago-she looks so different! her ears are still big, tho!

Pixel - doesn't like the camera, usually turns her face away just as i'm shooting

My angel Mouse - my fave pic of her!
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Awwww and sweet close ups they are Laureen, everybodies are
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