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Favorite city?

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I'm feeling a little stir crazy because it's snowy, cold and cloudy. Do you have a favorite city(s)? I'm not usually a "city" vacationer, but I love Atlanta, loved Dallas (only was there a week once) and Charleston SC !!!

What's your favorite city?
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Toronto is one of the most beautiful cities I've seen.
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Salzburg, Austria. Edinburgh, Scotland runs a very close second.
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Originally Posted by jcat
Salzburg, Austria.
oh Salzburg certainly is a gorgeous town

my choices are Barcelona, Spain or Rome, Italy mainly for the architecture
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Ah... you world travelers.....(jealous)
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That is where I am from. I loved the ability to go to museums, and also be able to go to different areas and experience different cultures. I don't live there anymore and the only way I would go back is if I won the lotto, it is just too expensive to live in. I have been to other places and nothing so far compares to it.
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It's crazy, crowded, noisy, and polluted but it's so beautiful and full of life and history, too.
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Originally Posted by SnowLeop

It's crazy, crowded, noisy, and polluted but it's so beautiful and full of life and history, too.

Always wanted to go there for my honeymoon...

My choice for favorite city? I'd have to say the small towns in England... well, I even liked London - I'd love to move back to England one day... so quaint, walk everywhere, etc. At least that's what I remember of it.
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Well I haven't been too many! But I do love Sydney, Australia - but then again nothing beats good old windy wellington!
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I love Toronto in the summer time (It's pretty crappy and gray in the winter). I also love Amsterdam and Los Angeles. San Francisco is like a permanently sunny Toronto. I'd dying to hit Panama City and Berlin!
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im jealous too.. i havent been to many places.. never left the united states.. or flown

i loved NYC though! I went there for a band/choir trip my freshman year.. and we got to go to broadway and see.. Annie get your gun.. w/ Reba!

i also like Hilton Head, Sc.. its so pretty!
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Chris don't feel bad....I'm not much of a world traveller either.

I like Atlanta too. I lived there for about a year and my brother lives there now. I also like Orlando and Tampa a lot. I grew up in the large Florida cities are some of my favorites.
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Kingston, Ontario ' The Limestone City' - at the mouth of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence Seaway it was founded in 1676 and is one of the oldest cities in North America. It is absolutely beautiful, vibrant and alive with boutiques and quality shopping, craftsman, artisans, theatre and musicans, wonderful museums and historic sites, Queen's Univerisity, Royal Military College, antique stores, a thriving and alive downtown with lunchtime concerts on the waterfront - and site of the 1976 Sailing Olympics. Can you guess I am little homesick? Except it is winter there, oh yeah, I can wait until summer!

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My favorite city is Las Vegas
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Very difficult question to answer. Let's see:
SAN FRANCISCO (USA)- it's my 2nd home.
KYOTO (Japan) - historic and culturally unique
PINAMALAYAN and VIRAC (Philippines) - the ocean at your doorstep, simple living, clean air and fresh food everyday!
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Unfortunately, I'm not much of a traveler either. If I could, I would pack up my things and travel around the world right now.

I prefer country settings but for fun the best places I have been to are Las Vegas, NYC and Philly. I would love, love, love to go to San Francisco and see Haight-Ashbury and all the other places from the 60's.... I would have been such a good hippy! hahaha If only I wasn't born in the 80s.
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I haven't traveled much at all so it's hard to say. I love NYC and have always wanted to live there, my dad used to take me all the time when I was younger to see broadway shows and such. I'm fortunate that I do get to go there pretty often now.
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I love Kansas City, MO. I lived there for about 2 years, and desperately want to go back, even just to visit.
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This is going to sound totally dorky, but my favorite city is the one I live in, NYC.

After that, though, I'd have to say Paris, France. <sigh>
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I'm a city girl... I was born and raised in the Bronx... I lived in Queens and New York City is the spot... There's so much happening all the time... Sometimes, Adrian and I will just jump in the car and take a drive downtown... Through Time Square, down to the village... I love taking the train in and walking around all day... I've visited a few places with my ex... and nothing compares to NYC! Come and visit! I'll show you around!!!
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Originally Posted by mamacat
This is going to sound totally dorky, but my favorite city is the one I live in, NYC.
Don't worry, me too (except I live in Toronto, not NYC)!

I was born here but grew up elsewhere, just visiting family here on vacations, and I always loved it and wanted to live here. Finally moved here last fall (I only applied to universities here and in Montreal - I applied based on the city, not the school/programme - bad, I know! ), and I just love Toronto and living here (except for the fact that everything is SO expensive here).

That said, though, I haven't been to very many cities. I think the only others I've been to are Quebec City, Buffalo, St. Louis, Edmonton and Calgary. I also really loved Quebec City, it's beautiful, the rest didn't do much for me (though I did like the insanely low cost of living in St. Louis!). I'm sure there are some cities that could give Toronto a run for its money (Montreal, NYC, San Francisco, lots of European cities, etc.), I just haven't been to them (yet - one day soon, hopefully).
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I can't really say I have a favorite city.....I think anything with a beach...
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Great question Chris!!

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