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Rescue Kitty

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Hi I'm new to this forum, but not new to cats... I've lived around them ever since I was born. Now that I am on my own I find this a little harder to deal with (my mom is the cat expert). The other night at a buy intersection I spotty a white kitty crossing the road. Out of instinct I rolled down the window and called "Here Kitty Kitty" and he came running to the truck. So I got out and started petting him and then picked him up and put him in the truck. He was such a sweet baby the entire ride home. He rode on my boyfriend's shoulders the entire way home. Well when we got him home he was a mess. Still lovable butlooked like crap. He was so thin you could see every bone, ear mites to high heaven, his ears were frost bitten, his eye had an infection, and he was drooling. So we fed him, gave him mite medicine, put some neosporin on his ears, gave him some eye antibiotic we had that we never used, and gave him some precautionary antibiotics. Now my big question is, why is he still drooling? Could he have rabies? He's not aggressive and seems almost to long for love. He's being isolated in a room away from our other animals. I don't know what else to do. My vet can't see him for another week. Any ideas on what else I can do for him? He eats like two bowls of food a day. I'm waiting for a few more days to start worming him so that I know he isn't really sick (I hear worming a sick cat is very bad). Any help would be greatly appreciated
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What a saint you are for rescuing that poor kitty. I wish I had some ideas about the cat...I can't believe the vet won't let you in for a week! This seems like and emergency to me! My only suggestion is to make sure you thoroughly wash your hands after you pet this kitty so it will be less likely that you transfer any germs to your animals.

I tip my hat to you for rescuing the kitty!
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Thank you! I couldn't just leave him there. I love animals too much and the thought of him getting hit by a car made me want to cry. My vet is a very busy lady since she is the only one in the area. I live in the middle of no where. I am definitely washing my hands after I touch him. I had a problem last year where one of my chinchillas spread bordetella to the others,so I don't want anything like that to happen again. Just keep little Vinny in your thoughts (My boyfriend named him Vincent because of his ears, lol), he is definitely a special kitty.
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Have you looked into the mouth for any kind of ulcers or sores? If he has either, he probably has calici virus. It usually presents first and then some upper respitory illness.
If not, It could his teeth or gums. Depending on age and his conditions. If you can, I would call another vet in the area for a check up. A week is a little long if he is going to be feeling poor.
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