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Brother or Sister for Skylar

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Hi everyone

I have been thinking about this for a while, but due to all that has happened over the past couple of months, it really hasn't been much of an option

I am very much considering adopting another kitty. Skylar is 4 months old and he is the most playful little boy ever I have no doubt that he would simply adore another kitty in the house
When I adopted Sky, he was in the walk with his brother I don't like to separate cats, but his brother already had an adoptee, so I was definitely comfortable with taking Skylar

I feel like I sound like a nutcase because of all I have been through recently, but I strongly feel that another kitten would be just perfect for me and my Skylar I always knew that I would adopt another, but it was a matter of time. I will be off for another month in February, but I am unsure of when the breeding season is here in New York. Waiting a few months is not a problem at all. I just want to adopt while Sky is still a baby (no more than a year).

Anyway, I figured I would put it out there to see what all you think
I had just called a woman from one of my local shelters. She did tell me that breeding season just passed, but she has some kittens left. The thing is, I am still working a lot, so I did want to wait until my hours lessen a bit..(around February). I do not have any specific age preference.. I would just want the kitty to be under a year

Still thinking about the whole thing, but I just have such a wonderful feeling about it
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It took me a long time to make the final decision to get another cat when it was just Squirt. I didn't adopt Joey until Squirt was 3 years old. There was an introduction period, but Squirt accepted him pretty quickly. He was, however, 'mad' at me for a good 6 months, and there were a few times I shed some tears thinking that he would never feel the same about me. But, in the end, it has worked out beautifully. I am glad they have each other, and each is unique in his own special way.
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Lauren i think it's the perfect age to get Skylar a little brother or sister! Rosie was two years old when i got Sophie and she hated both of us at first but you've seen pictures of how they are with each other now

I'd say go for it!
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I"m all for it cats are 1, 2 anfd 3, and they truly do love eachother. There is usually an adjustment period, especially if the cat is older that was there first, but given time, usually all works out fine. Go for it!!
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I always get cats in pairs, one male and one female. I don't know how, I don't plan it, that is just how it works out.
Just get the one that captures your heart most! Someone that can keep up with your baby! Good luck narrowing it down!
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I believe they adjust better when they are young, but then you have to take into account the vet bills, etc that come later. I think at one time I had a 15 yr old dog, 20 yr old cat, 15 yr old cat. Of course, you know those expenses can come early in some circumstances I would guess April, May the kitties will be popping out all over New York
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I know that when you are ready and when the right kitten comes along. I always like having 2 of an animal, two birds, two ferrets, two cats... etc. I always feel like if there is just one, they get lonely and kinda want for their own kind. I know that with some birds, IF you have two you can't teach one to talk... Well, if we ever want a bird that talks, I guess we'll have to have one... lol especially if we get the African grey my hubby has wanted since we met. I doubt seriously we could afford two of them!!

I wouldn't think you were nuts if you wanted another cat, or if you never wanted another cat. Each person deals differently. When I lost my old man ferret (BoodahFrit)... I really had no desire for another one. I had two after he passed. One day my cousin called me up, she had a ferret she really didn't want anymore, and knew I loved them, and that I was close friends with a lady who ran a ferret rescue(still does). So I took in another ferret.

I believe very strongly that you will get the one when the time comes, you've got two angels to help guide you.

When you do get one, I can't wait to see a million pics.
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I got Shelby when Leo was about 2 years old and he took to her right away....being the ever protective big brother. Of course, Shelby was very young....only about 2-3 weeks old at the time....which I didn't realize until I took her to the vet. I got her at a shelter and apparently, she had been abandoned. Maybe because she was so young....she also took to Leo right away. Those two are still very much in love after all these years. (Leo is 7 and Shelby is 5 now)

I think it's good for kitties to have a feline companion. It helps to keep them from being lonely when you're at work.
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Lauren, I am going through the same dilema right now with Ebony. I would love to get a friend for her but I am not sure the timing is right for me as well. I think having a playmate around for Skylar would be great! (Skylar needs someone to share his new kitty playground!!! ) When I first got Eb I thought I really only wanted one kitten, but now I fear she may be bored while we're gone, hence my now wanting two. However, I am now sure the timing is right for me and my living situation. I am glad to hear others on here say they brought new cats/kitten is when their first cat was over a year old and everything worked out great. For me I am thinking I may adopt another one once Ebony is a year or so.

You'll know when the timing is right for you and Skylar. And if you go ahead and do it I want to see lots of pictures!
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Absolutely! Why evernot?? Gor for it. After SiSi disappeared I was given Freddie (about 8 weeks later), and Sasha was already 11 but it didn't make any difference. Sasha adored him and was a great big brother. Yes, it's a great idea!
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Originally Posted by AniSkyofTrent
Hi everyone

I am very much considering adopting another kitty. Skylar is 4 months old and he is the most playful little boy ever I have no doubt that he would simply adore another kitty in the house

Still thinking about the whole thing, but I just have such a wonderful feeling about it
I think your last sentence is the most important one here - you have such a wonderful feeling about it:-). I am a firm believer of following wonderful feelings and 'intuition'. February is on its way in just a few short weeks, so go ahead and just put your intention out to the universe that you are adopting a new kitty to be a companion to you and Skylar, and that the 'right' kitten will be in the right place at the right time for you when the time arrives. Trust that this kitten is there - don't try to plan what he or she will look like or anything like that - just trust that it is the 'right' kitten for the two of you at this time, and he/she will bethere:-). You will recognize him/her when the time is right:-).

With so much love to give, it seems only right that you want to continue sharing it with your beloved cats. I believe that love doesn't die when our loved ones pass - it grows, and that sharing that love is one of the best legacies we can offer to our beloved cat companions who have already crossed to the other side.

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I agree when the time is right the perfect kitty will show up. With both my cats I had no intention of getting a new pet but when I walked in and saw them I fell in love instantly. The first was the hardest to get because I still lived with my parents and my Dad said I couldn't have any more pets. I all ready had 3 dogs and we just recently had to put another cat to sleep. The cat was a stray/feral that adopted us that I tamed but the neighbor injured it so severly that he would never have been able to live a normal life and would be in constant pain. As soon as I saw Princess I had to have her and I called my Dad and talked him into letting me bring her home. She had him (and everyone else) wrapped around her little paw very quickly. It got to the point that when I moved out and took her with me everytime he came over the first thing he would say to me is "Where's Princess?" Princess was very spoiled and used to being the only cat for 1.5 years.

Then one day I had to go to the pet store to get some stuff for the dogs and cat and there was a rescue group there trying to adopt out several cats. I had NO intentions of getting another cat but stopped to look anyway (big mistake for me because I think I need adopt every dog or kitty). I walk by a cage and this little paw comes out and grabs me and won't let go. The next thing I know I'm being interviewed by the worker and they let me bring her home. Patsy was abused then abandoned before I got her but she was still really sweet. Patsy and Princess were only a couple months apart in age so the rescue group thought they should get along pretty well. That was my biggest concern about bringing Patsy home. Princess was very happy being in complete control of the house and the dogs so I wasn't sure how well she would accept Patsy. At first Princess HATED Patsy. There was lots of growling, hissing and several fights. After the first few days it got even worse. I thought I wasn't going to be able to keep Patsy so my Mom said she wanted her. So I packed up all of Patsy's things and took her to my Mom's but Patsy didn't like it there at all . So I took her back home with me and was determined to get it to work out.

Well all most 9 years later they like each other from a distance. Princess will not cuddle with Patsy but they like to play together. They also will watch out for each other. When one is at the vet the other misses her. The funny thing is Patsy is now the boss.

I'm sure you will kind the perfect playmate for Skylar and for yourself when you least expect it. I don't think your crazy for wanting to get another kitty and thinking it through. I hope you find your new kitty and have fun looking.
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Wow.. I got such great responses I am definitely not looking for a particular "type" or breed. I don't tend to do that. The gender is not an issue either. The only thing, aside from it being the best kitty for me and Sky, is a young kitty. He/she doesn't have to be a tiny baby, but I would prefer within a year old. However, if I met a wonderful kitty wsho was older than a year, that would be fine as well. The most important thing for me is that he/she is happy and healthy. Obviously there are never any health guarantees, but I, of course, need to know that the kitty is disease-free and is not declawed.

Captiva wrote:
I believe they adjust better when they are young, but then you have to take into account the vet bills
Unfortunately, with all the experiences that I have had with my Rainbow Bridge babies , the vet bills are always a huge consideration. Plus, I am a super paranoid mom so the vet is usually a pretty big deal in my kitties lives.

As far as the timing, I would like to adopt when I have my time off of work. That is what I did with Skylar I have a lot of time in February, but if I don't meet my kitty then, I will wait until the spring time

I just got back from Petsmart and there is a woman there who brings her kitties on weekends for adoption. It's really difficult for me to look at all of them if I know I am not bringing one home I may talk to her when the time comes. I wasn't in love with the shelter where I adopted Skylar from. They were okay, but I have a couple of issues with them. I wouldn't go back there. In the meantime, I will just be doing a lot of research and make sure everything is right for my baby and myself..

I will keep you all updated.. Thanks a bunch for all your support
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Lauren, I think that is a great idea, especially when you feel as up and positive about it as you do. I think a playmate for Skylar is a great idea and I wish you the best in your search for your "new" kitten or young cat. Hugs
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Definitely keep us updated, I think Skylar sounds like such a great little guy that he'd get along great with another kitten - and if you feel it's right then go with your heart! Would you prefer a brother or sister, which do you think? And you do promise to flood us with pictures of the new little one and Skylar, right?
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Lauren all the best with what you choose. I personally think Skylar would love to have a new baby brother or sister.
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