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Kitten lethargy

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A couple of months ago we got our first kitten (Sophie), she was 8 weeks old and adjusted to us and her new home really well but after a month we decided to get her a playmate as we both work all day. The new one (Ellie)was 11 weeks, 1 month younger. Initially Sophie would'nt give Ellie any peace and we would have to supervise playtimes but after a while Ellie came out of her shell and we let them sleep together.

The problem is that they seem to have switched roles, Ellie has become very active and Sophie just sleeps all the time and won't play much if at all. She seems fine in all other respects, eating, drinking, toilet etc. She almost seems depressed!
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Kittens normally swing between racing around the house, playing, doing everything at top speed and being fast asleep. A kitten that seems depressed or lethargic, even though she is eating, drinking and eliminating properly is most likely ill. It could be that Ellie gave Sophie some sort of bug, to which she herself was immune but has made Sophie feel a bit unwell. A check-up at the vet for both kittens is a good idea in this case. If you can, gather a fecal sample from both kittens on the day of the visit so the vet can test for parasites.
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Oh, and welcome to TCS.
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Thanks for that! Seems to make sense since we have been talking about it, as Elley had similar symptoms when we first got her, but we put it down to new enviroment. She also had drippy eyes but after taking her to the vet and getting drops its cleared up. We will take Sophie to vets with Elley as the baby has her second injections tomorrow!
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