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our D.T. for monday

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ah, the beginning of another week. of course for those of you who have the day off, it's the last day of a long weekend.

I'm hoping this week goes as fast as last week did. Anymore I live for the weekend, although I'm in a really good mood today. It's going to be a great day, I can feel it.

For those of you who care the artist Pink has a new song coming out,and it is awesome!!! it's called 'get the party started'. I can't stop listening to it. It's so much fun and probably why I'm in such a good mood. It should be all over top 40 radio in a week or so.

Yesterday my boyfriend, who didn't want to get the cats, actually said to Cracker 'how's my little sweetie? daddy loves you'. I almost fell off the bed. He has really become attached to the cats and has said many times that he's glad that I got them. I just had never refer to himself as 'daddy'. It was too cute.

have a great day everyone!

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First..I want to wish everybody a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day!!!

I will be giving Thanks for many things today..among them for the good people I have met here and their beautiful cats of course. Also that I live in a part of the world where people are free to argue and fuss without killing each other.

But of course my biggest Thanks will be for Barbara...who has turned my life to Joy again. I wish for all of you to have the kind of happiness this lady gives me. The bin Ladens of this world will NEVER win as long as we can LOVE!!!!
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Aaaaaah....... Monday! A week's vacation is ending for me after today! However.......Goldie's new little litter is coming out looking at me and being curious. The sun is shining, and I got to spend some time with my son's girlfirend and do some 'bonding'..and some shopping to boot!
Sounds like love is still alive up North.........
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Blush , Grin

Thanks baby but you deserve all the happines that I can give you plus lots more!

Love you
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mashed potatoes, homemade stuffing, hot rolls, pecan pie, leftover turkey sandwhichs!

I hope it's wonderful!
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Forgot you Northern folks have turkey day early. I guess by the end of November you'd have been pretty hard-pressed to even find a wild turkey, remembering what the weather is like where we lived. Hope it's a great day for you!

Let my daughter paint today. I like that it keeps her busy for a while, but then I lose time having to clean up the mess! I hate renting, because if it was my own place, I wouldn't be so worried about the carpet!

Ditto came for a visit again today. He came in when hubby went to work and stayed until we did the car swap at lunch. Sparky enjoys playing with him so much, it's just so weird that my cats have play dates!

And I bought the most amazing bread today at a bakery called Breadworks. I may never go back to grocery store bread!
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