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Long distance love = FRUSTRATION!!!

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This sucks!! The love of my life is 1160 miles away. All I want to do is hold him, love him, laugh with him, look into those eyes , be surrounded by those huge, protective, safe, masculine arms of his, and feel his tender touch. I CANT wait untill I see him again next month on the 18th (he is flying up for our son's 6th birthday). If I could, I would move down to Vegas now, instead of waiting untill the school year is over. BUT.. finishing the school year is the responsible and right thing to do.

My appologies everyone if this got too sappy!

Just the thought of him leaves me all tingly, and warm, and sad that I am not there with him.

Also.. I cant wait to see our son & him playing together...the bond they have is so special, they talk all the time on the phone, but seeing them together is a whole other ballgame. SIGH!!!
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Just a note of caution. Move slowly in this, as you are in a vulnerable place right now. After my divorce i went to a divorce recovery class, they advised no major relationship moves for at least 3 years. Just thought I would pass that on.
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Originally Posted by DinahCat
BUT.. finishing the school year is the responsible and right thing to do.
Hoping time flies quickly for you!
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good luck with it all - I hope the time goes quickly for you - but MaryAnne does make a good point - just take things slowly

wishing you all the best this world can offer
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Sweetie, I know exactly how you feel! Myself and my other half are 700 miles apart and in different countries. There's an ocean between us and sometimes that's really difficult to deal with. But after a while you do seem to get used to that fact and if you get to talk every day for a little while, it doesn't seem so bad. I surround myself with pictures and memories of times we've spent together and just look forward to the next time. After a little while the frustration fades and you concentrate more on what is to come in the future, not the here and the now. Yeah my nights are pretty lonely, but I'm used to that because I've had to cope with it for so long. It just means that I appreciate the together time a lot more and on a whole different level It's not so hard given a little time. Patience is the key here - and goodness knows I've had to learn!! It'll get much better I've been with my other half for nearly 4 years now and I've only really seen him every three months or so. One time I didn't see him for over a year... that was tough, but definitely worth it. I've got to wait until the pre-school year is over too, which is why I'm moving in July - as you'll know, kiddie comes first. If you can keep the kids in your life happy, then the rest will follow!! Chin up and hang in there, it'll get better soon
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