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I just read on a site that a symptom of feline ringworm is crusty bumps on their skin. My cat has quite a few scabby bumps on the back of his neck. This is the only area I've noticed the bumps and I always thought of them as scabs caused by flea bites because he cannot scratch this area very well. Could this be ringworm?
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Only a vet can tell. In the meantime- wash your hands well and don't rub your face against your cat.
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Usually if it is on the back of the neck, it is from the cat scratching. Ringworm is very distinctive, circular patches, hair is missing, white crusty scaly fungus on the cat. Is you cat being given a safe flea product?
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It could possibly be ringworm. I've seen it appear as anything from circular hairless patches, to lumps under the skin, to enflammed cuticles, to chin acne... The list just goes on. In about 10% of infected cats the symptoms are far from the norm. (Ah, the joys of working at an infected cat shelter. I and a few other volunteers contracted it from the cats this past fall. It's not a fun thing, so definately follow Dr. Doolittle's advice about washing up after handling your cat!) If you're concerned, you should definately call the vet. Also, if it is from fleas, you can get flea medication like Advantage or Frontline from the vet.
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