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Doofus might be sick!!!!!!!!!!!

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My Doofus started sneezing like crazy...lik sneezing fits this evening...at first we thought he had something caught in his nose...Sometimes emmet has sneezing fits cause he will get dust in his nose....But then Doofus had these fits 2 more times...and his nose is dry and warm....I dont know if that means he has a fever or not.......he has eaten today, and he purrs and rolls around when we pet him, but hes just been sleeping on our bed for a good part of the night......
The other problem is that tommorows sunday, and our vet is closed..we have the vets pager number (he gave it to us after Emmet got so sick)...so i am probably gonna page him tommorow if he still looks bad, and if we cant get in touch with him we are gonna call around for a vet opened on Sundays!!!!!
I am just worried......I hope it is nothing, but after emmet getting so sick all of a sudden I dont want to take any chances....Does anyone know what he might have or anything I can do until we get him to the vet to make him feel better.....and if you guys could send vibes that its nothing serious...that would be great too....thanx
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Bridget if you are close to a safeway grocery store, you can go there and buy a bottle of little noses, or just straight saline drops and put a few in his nose and see if that clears it up. The only way to tell if he has a fever is to actually take it. It doesn't sound major serious to me, but then I am not a vet, and I know you are worried because of what you went through with Emmet. So whatever makes you rest the easiest, would be how to proceed.
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I would watch him. If he is eating drinking peeing and pooping normally then it is not an emergency.
If the sneezing continues or gets worse you may need to take him to a vet.
If you notice any discharge or blood when he sneezes take him in immediately.
It may be nothing more than a little allergy. It could be a URI(has he been exposed to other cats lately?).
If the sneezing is incessant (SP?) he may have a piece of grass or something up there and a vet can take it out.
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thanx hissy...you actually made me feel a little better.......lol...I get a little over paranoid at times...I will get the drops that you spoke of tommorow

Also..he has been around cats but those cats are Emmet and Mabby...all three of them are indoor cats...he has eaten and gone to the bathroom....hes just seemed a little bit more sluggish then usual.....and he sounds all snoty....but i havent seen any discharge......so I guess I will see how he is in the morning, and proceed from there.......
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I hope everything is okay. Keep us posted Keeping him in my thoughs. He's such a cutie
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oh Bridget I can imagine how worried you must be especially after what happened with Emmett....

I will be sending positive vibes your way for Doofus tonight and hope that by morning he will be feeling much better

let us know how he is tomorrow
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I completely understand being nervous after Emmet getting sick. I am a total wreck when it comes to anything with Skylar. I am sure your little one is going to be just fine I am sending my love to You and Sweet Doofus.. and more forever
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Well I think the one thing that I will take from this illusional drama is that I need to be a bit less paranoid......
Doofus was fine this morning...his nose was at its normal temp, and hes been eating and jumping and playing....so I guess it was just a head cold.............
Sorry if I worried anyone....i probably worried myself the most....thanx to all of you that sent your vibes and prayers.......
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