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Transplanting one cat to a new house... alone

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I have 4 cats. 2 males and 2 females, they are a family (parents & kids) but ever since my ex bf moved out over a year ago the father has been harassing and attacking his son.

I have a feliway difuser and I've tried forcing the aggressive male to accpet MY territory rather than his (he's decided his son is no longer allowed on teh second floor) but it's not working. The son cat is always really stressed out (You can feel his tight muscles in his back) and he keeps ending up with bite marks & abcesses from altercations. I work from home and the victim cat sits downstairs and cries because he wants me to come visit him but if I bring him upstairs he cowers and eventually scuttles back down to his cat tree.

Queaky (the victim) has always been a bit of a scaredy cat but I really feel like he's deteriorating and is depressed. Mojo(the aggressor) is constantly being spritzed in the face with the plant mister but he's really not responding to any of my attemtps to assert my dominance.

I've decided to move Mojo to my bf's house as a test to see if Queaky improves. I'm concerned however that Mojo will be lonely in a new place, as a single cat. People always say that it's not mean to have one cat but they've been a foursome for the last 4 years and Mojo has never been an only cat since he was a tiny kitten. My bf lives alone and I spend a few evenings a week here but no one is home all day, like at my house.

Any thoughts on if this fail miserably? I do intend on reintegrating the 2 males once I move to a larger space. I know that it's recommended to move the victom cat but I think Queaky will be just as depressed without his mum & sister. He's also a suck for me.

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Your cats are all neutered and spayed? If not, you may have to in order to improve the situation between M and Q.
Also, I've learned that cats will pick on ones that are weaker in their group. My Joji has been the dominant one but she is getting old. QT has taken over as big boss and she always looks for a chance to pick on Joji.
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All the cats are neutered/spayed. The mother is actually the alpha cat and she always throws herself into the fights to break them up and places herself between the two males during a stand off but unfortunately Mojo stil gets some good shots in.

I've moved him now, he isn't too freaked out but I'll have to see how he is in a week I guess. Thanks
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its been a few days since you have moved Mojo - hows it all going?
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