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Railroad wreck in SC

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I am sure most of you have seen it on the news. 2 trains collided in Graniteville, SC, releasing chlorine gas into the air. That is about 10 miles from where I was born and raised. There are people we know working in that very mill 50 feet from the site. My pregnant daughter lives just a few miles away in Augusta, GA. So far 8 people are known dead, 50 critical, and hundreds hospitalized. They are still doing house-to-house searches looking for people to evacuate, but anyone within a mile radius that are still in their homes are presumed dead. The news said dead animals are everywhere. There are many elderly people in that community that have lived there all their lives, and some of them probably did not get out. I have been trying to reach a dear friend that lives in that area, and cannot reach her.
Graniteville is a beautiful little town with the textile mills their only source of income in most cases. Generations of families have worked in the same mill. It will never be the same. Please remember these poor people in your prayers.
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This is so sad and horrible, and I'll definitely remember these people in my prayers tonight!
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Bumping this up so it can be seen.
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It makes you think were you live , and what will happen everytime you see a train pass with unknown cargo. I hope all that are there are found safe.
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What a tragedy. A ninth body was found yesterday, and some people are still unaccounted for. http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/01/08/train.wreck/index.html
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OMG how awful that is It makes me so scared for my family who have lived right across the street from a railroad track. The place where I grew up and loved for years. It could happen here too, hopefully it want but it could happen. I will be praying for that whole town and their famlies.
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The trains are only supposed to carry one chemical at the time, according to a friend that works for the railroad.
They wrote out immediate aid checks to people that had nowhere to go, but the people were originally afraid to cash them, thinking that would be all the help they would get. A railroad spokesman held a news conference saying tha they knew there would be lawsuits, and that they would not count the immediate aid check as as any portion of what they were going to have to pay out. They still have people in shelters, and some idiots have attempted to go into the affected areas to loot.
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Oh that's so sad. I'm keeping all involved in my thoughts.
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