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Kitty Dreams?

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how can you tell if your kitty is having a dream ?

Sid was curled up on the bed with us, appearing to take a nap , when he started twitching quite spastically , and making meowing sounds without opening his mouth. now, was he dreaming , or was something wrong ... like something biting him or something?
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I've often wondered what Sierra is dreaming!
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That is so cute when they do that! I swear Fred used to run a mile in his sleep sometimes. We call it chasing moon rabbits.
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"chasing moon rabbits" ... I like it!
My cats are active dreamers too.
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I love watching them dream. Buffy dreams more than Willow (which makes sense, because Buffy's the rocket that's powered by the energizer batteries [like with the energizer bunny] and Willow is the calmer one, content to lie down and watch what goes on around her). The best is when they're draped over your arm, throat pressed against maybe your forearm, and you can feel the gulping and twitching too. If you don't know that they're dreaming (like you're looking away, watching tv), feeling them gulping and twitching can be kinda scary, lol

I usually believe that they're dreaming of birds and small animals. The twitching is when they leap on the bird or rabbit, the small jerk of the mouth is them biting the bird, and the gulping is, what else, eating the bird.
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My two dream as well. I always wonder what they dream about because their indoor cats so they can't be dreaming of being chased by a dog or anything like that?!, unless Rosie dreams of Sophie jumping on her and vice versa
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