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She ate the pill!

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One of my cats has hip dysplasia, twice a day for many months I've had to catch her, open her mouth and make her swallow this human sized capsule.... not pleasant for either of us! But it helps to releive her pains, so she needs it.

Last night I gave it to her as normal, and walked out of the room - hubby was there though. When I came back he asked if I was sure she swallowed her pill. I said "pretty sure" - but he informed me that I was wrong. She had spit it out, looked at it and ate it!

Needless to say I was skeptical... So this morning I get the pill, and put it on the floor in front of her. She sniffs it, looks at me strange, and she ate it! Willingly! I am so proud of her!
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OMG.......what a good kit you have...I am so happy for you....she must realize that it helps her pain.....yaaaaaaay
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What a good little girl you have, Tracey! This will make the entire twice daily process so much easier for both of you!
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Wow, what a smart girl! My Baylee had to get a pill at the vet - let's just say it did not go as well, lol!
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Oh what a cleaver Kitty that will make pill time a brease next time JJ needs to take pill's ( hopefully never ) but if he dose I will be sending him your way for some lesons lol
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Wow! That's great! That sure makes things easier for you!
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OMG!!! that is amazing and wonderful Tracey what a clever girl you have there
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What a good kitty!!
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Wow! That's the first time I've heard of a cat doing that. She's smart - she's showing you there's an easier way!
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So far she has done it 4 times in a row. THis morning she was a little slow, only because she was keeping an eye on Salem - looked like she didn't want her to have her "treat".
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You're so lucky! I've been administering antibiotics to Zsa Zsa, our "wannabe" cat, for the past few weeks, and have found that injections are much easier than pills (I have the scars to prove it). Dogs are much better about taking pills than cats!
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For those of you with cats that aren't quite so cooperative, and have to be on daily medication, check with local pharmacies about a product called FLAVORx. They would have to order the cat preferred flavors since they mostly use the kid preferred flavors, but they can get them and mix the medicine with beef, chicken, bacon or other flavors that are intense and hide the flavor of the medicine. Your vet would need to write a prescription for the pharmacist. For a short term medication it isn't too practical but for daily on going medicines your cat will think they are getting a treat, not a medicine. Becky
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That's great!
I know exactly how you feel. Sammy and Lola have coccidia AND giardia, which is proving very difficult to get rid of. We've been trying different treatments on and off since early november.
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What a good good kitty you have!! And what a relief for the both of you not to have to chase her down and force her to take it. Hope you gave her lots of praises. :-)
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Oh way too go! How awesome is that!
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Wow, she is absolutely a brilliant little girl. Cats are so smart, you are lucky you are so very blessed,, this will take the pain out of pill time!!!!!!!
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