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litter box recluse

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Hello! My cat is around 9 years old, and always been the shy, reclusive type. Until recently, she was always at least fairly sociable around our family, though. Over the summer, she started spending alot of time in our (finished) basement, probably to stay cool. She developed an allergy to fleas, causing a serious skin problem. Took her to the vet- she got a shot that was to solve the problem.
Ever since, however, she mostly stays in her litter box (in the basement), coming out only to eat. The few times she does come out for affection and attention, she smells like a litter box, and we don't really want her on us! -I do keep her litter box as clean as possible now, but still....
Anyone ever experience this? Any suggestions or ideas for me? I'd really like my nice clean kitty back....
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Cats usually hide in small places such as litter boxes if they aren't feeling well or they are in fear of something. The first thing I would do is have the vet do some bloodwork to check body function. A lot of times, we miss small clues. I would also provide her with another option such as a cardboard box or a small cat cubby.
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Yeah, you're probably right about taking her back to the vet. She's just so paranoid about going anywhere. Thought that may have contributed to her fearfulness.
One thing- the basement is full of cardboard boxes and little places to hide, which is one of the reasons I figured she liked it so well. Her favorite thing for awhile was 'clearing' a space for herself on the shelves.
More odd behavior- she's always hid when visitors come over. Recently had a freind here that has an irrational fear of cats (due to childhood incident). Well, she ventured out of her litterbox long enough to drive my freind crazy, wouldn't leave him alone (trying to sit on his lap, perching on backrest of chair behind his head). Kind of funny, really, if it didn't make my freind feel so bad. Probably never come over here again!
Thanks for your input!
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Years ago I had a cat who would lay in her litter box when she was extremely stressed or when sick. So, I agree with Sandie, that a trip to the vet would be a good idea.
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The kind of behavior she showed towards your friend is quite common with shy cats. Shy cats don't like to be stared at and called to, and that's what most people do when they see the cat. Your friend must have tried not to draw the cat's attention and avoided calling to her or looking at her - she must have thought this was the nicest person ever to visit your house You can tell your friend that the best way not to attract cats is to stare at them and call out to them
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I know other people have told you to take her to the vet - I agree wholeheartedly with them.

We had a cat called Julio who had a flea allergy and was on medication for it. The medication affected his kidneys. This was some time ago, so it may not be related at all, but we ended up losing Julio, so please take your girl back to the vet.
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Wow. I was thinking it might have something to do with the shot she got at the vet. Kidney problems would would sure fit the pattern.
Poor kitty!
-She has been getting a little better though. I've been making myself and my kids to give her lots of affection when she does come out of litter box (we just all smell like litter box deoderizer now Some perfume!) Amazing what TLC will do! She's out and about much more now.
But the kidney thing does have me worried so will call the vet today. Thanks, guys, for your input, not to mention support!

(Anne- yeah, now that you mention it, I've had a few 'cat-haters' over my house too, long ago. She went right for them as soon as they sat down!:laughing2 )
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P.S. Sorry to use so many icons. This forum has such a great selection of them I couldn't resist
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