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i am so happy to hear about your new job. I have a question,if none of my business tell me to take a hike! what happened to the move to Canada,you talked about before? I would love it if you and your family moved there ,I am only about 2 hours away.Ted & I go up there at least once a year.
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Sherral - apologoes that have not come back to you sooner- was not on much yesterday and was helping my mother with a fence that blew into her garden with the gales we had. The company that I "was" working for and am employed by until 23rd this month owns a few companies in canada and the US. I applied for the relocation and was in direct communication with the HR dept on both sides of the pond. I was told to apply internally for the jobs that kept coming up and i did as was asked. Problem was that they would never invite me for a interview - which could have been done by teleconference - due to my geographical location and theirs in Ontario. I also found out that a pre-requisite was a degree was needed. It could have been in tying your laces, but it seems that everyone takes further education in Canada above a level that I did in the UK and this effectively, left me under qualified. I was not best pleased as have been working since I was 16 solid and had about 16+ years of experience. However, that counted for nothing in this instance.
When in Monaco, at the awards ceromony - I met some of my colleagues from the province who told me that you need a degree in pretty much most of the energy industry now. Also, the office had been trimmed staff wise since the company was taken over, so it was hardly surprising I never got anywhere. Also, at the time when all this was happening, my stepfather Clive became seriously ill and passed away. I needed to be around to help care for him and see him in hospital.
So, it was with great regret that we had to start looking longer term that this may not yet happen. We got Chris into a school where hes thriving incredibly and happy. I decided that I was too old and long in the tooth to start doing a uni course just to accomodate their wishes. It would mean I would be nearly 40 when I finished. If one looks at the age part on the emmigration forms, then my age would go against me.
So, unfortunately, I was let down by the company.
Whilst in Monaco, I was also told by a woman very high up in the company, that after the amount of years service that I had given and they had not made any attempt to accelerate my career (despite numerous awards and trips away etc for designing databases, bringing millions back into the company) that the company would not move me. Prefer to keep me where I was (in a rut) and get what they can. She told me to move on by myself otherwise, its the old thing about use and abuse the skills you have.
So, I got my new job, start on 24th of this month. New job is two levels above what I was, have a lot more responsibility, people under me to manage, am being paid more and doing something with a company I sincerely want to work for. My notice was given on 23rd Dec and I wished them all the very best.
On a more positive side, we may be coming out for a vacation next year... want to catch up and see people (you too) and see my dad again and his wife.
Sorry to have dissapointed you. It was not my choice. However, everything I guess happens for a reason in life... this was not meant to be.
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actually Sherral - speaking again of what I said, we are just talking at the moment of flying into New York next year. Having a couple of days in the big apple, pay my respects at the WTC site, then driving up through the finger lakes (god I love those places) and then over the border to meet up with my dad. Would be nice may be to say hi on the way past.
wishing he was back at the finger lakes - such a place of beautiful solitude
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Hey... another one who writes books!! I understand that you've had gales there too Kev... everyone ok? We've had a helluva lot of lashing rain and gales - there was a man washed into the river here yesterday morning... as far as I'm aware they were successfully retrieved. The area is back on flood warnings (status normal has returned for Scotland) and I have to say that honestly being surrounded by trees is not doing much good for my nerves at the moment!! Apparently in Denmark they're suffering a full blown hurricane now... so I'm glad that my other half is on the fourth floor of the apartment building!

Anyway, I'm rambling for the sake of rambling as per the norm, but just so you know, stay safe and sound.

Oh yeah... what is for you won't pass you by, you're completely right. Congratulations on the new job and I hope it all works out wonderfully for you!
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oh and you think you might have a big enough suitcase to stash me in? THat holiday sounds fab
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kev. Ted and I only live about 2 hours from the finger lakes! we both would love to meet you and your family when you comr there! I am going to PM you with our phone numbers . Just tell me the times and date and place when you know.
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Originally Posted by kev
..then driving up through the finger lakes (god I love those places) and then over the border to meet up with my dad. Would be nice may be to say hi on the way past.
wishing he was back at the finger lakes - such a place of beautiful solitude
Oh my home state, and my area...I went to college next to one of the finger lakes, grew up near Lake Onondaga...miss it
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