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Sleepy Kitkats thread

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How about a thread of sleepy kitties?


Cola in her blanky!

Tango.... I wish I could sleep like this


Cola and Tango
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Baylee - the only time she "lets" me take a picture of her:

And my desktop background, and I just noticed how dirty my pillow looks, ew:

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Nice thread Ashley!!!
Here´s our contribution of this lovely thread!!!!! (the Amo bonito making his most favorite sport...sleep.... )

His loyal majestyc during a goooooood nap!

another "pose" during his royal rest!!!!

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Those are tired kitties!

Very cute, everyone!
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awwww, yay! i like this thread. here's miss ebony all cozy and sleepy...

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I have a few of these-here's the first. Oscar loves sleeping on the top of the couch.

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This thread is making me tired!

Here's Nakita curled up on Rob's lap:

Nakita in her usual sleeping pose.

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Awwww i'm so pleased this has been started because i could watch kitties sleep all day

Heres Rosie and Sophie having a nap together

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Princess and Gordo

Princess, Gordo and Pitufo.
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They are so cute
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How precious all of our babies are! Sleeping kitty pics are just so adorable!
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Pitufo and Patches.
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Awwwww what a pair of snuggle buns!
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Aw cute thread! Lots of cute sleepy babies.

Elmo sleeping on Mums bed-

Sophie sleeping-

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nothing is better than sleeping kitties I just love them

here are some of mine




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On his way to the vet...
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LOL! I've never seen a kitty so relaxed on his way to the vet!
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Love the pics of Tipsy and Cedar sleeping together.
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Originally Posted by babygirl
Love the pics of Tipsy and Cedar sleeping together.
thankyou - that last one is one of my favourites!!!

great photos mikonu - and yes thats one relaxed kitty
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Thanks for posting, everyone. All these shots are gorgeous. You all have great talent!

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All the kitties look so sweet when they're sleeping! Here are mine, just a few minutes ago...:

Nedicks sleeping in her favorite spot on the sofa...she likes to sleep on the top of the middle cushion and smush her forehead right up against the back of the couch.

Nathan napping in the kitty condo...

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Awwww, everyone's babies look so sweet and comfy!!!!
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here's my fave of Pixel & Mouse - so close, they look like a single cat w/2 heads!

& here's Pixel (black in background) & Cable!
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I have a ton of sleeping pictures - since they are the easiest to get

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AAWWW a great thread of cats doing what they do best... NAPPIN!!

I'll start off with some from June of 2004, Merri, Pippin, and NyghtShade

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July 2004

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August 2004

I woke up to this...

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Originally Posted by laureen227
Cable looks like he has freckles in this picture! Awww!
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Sassy you kitties are so adorable, I love the pic of them sleeping together.
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