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reducing vet trauma

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I rescued a semi-feral approx 5-6 mo old kitten on Jan 1. He was at the train station on the work end of my commute. I noticed him about a week before I was able to rescue him; I think he was abandoned there. He is too friendly, although very nervous, to have been a straight feral. I spent a week coaxing him to me with food. I didn’t go to work Dec 331 (holiday that Friday) and was worried so I drove down on the 1st to feed him. He was so hungry he abandoned all caution and I was able to pick him up by the scruff and put him in the cat carrier. He spent the first few days in our bathroom, cowering behind a shelter on one of my sweaters. I sat with him and read, and now, a week later, he purrs like a motor-boat, loves to be petted and played with and is feeling adventurous enough that he graduated to living room access. However, he is still very shy and nervous. Petting and play must be initiated by him, and when he isn’t out interacting with us, he lounges under the futon, where he feels safer. He hasn’t been to the vet yet. Since we have not been able to find anyone else to adopt him we’re keeping him, and we need to visit the vet. I wasn’t feeling rushed about it, because he’s in good shape. A bit thin, but that’s being remedied quickly! Glossy black coat, no ear mites or fleas, eats and drinks well, uses the cat box with no difficulty. That’s another reason I suspect recent abandonment. I’ve looked for lost cat flyers, but I work downtown, where there aren’t any homes he could have come from . . . ..

Anyway, it’s time for the vet. He needs to be checked, vaccinated and altered. However, vet vists are stressful for even the most emotionally stable of cats, so how can I make it less traumatic for my little guy, who is already so easily shaken? I’m feeling anxious about it. I don’t want him to lose trust in me.
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One thing you can do is put that sweater you mentioned or another one that he likes to lay on into the carrier so he smells your scent the whole time. He could have an accident so hopefully it is one you don't want just in case.

I would't put off taking him for too long. It is important that he get tested for leukemia and feline aids. Those are more common in feral/strays and very contagious to other cats. Don't think you mentioned if you have any others cats, but you don't want to risk it anyways. Cats with these diseases can look perfectly healthy, but the disease is bad and if he tested positive, you couldn't have another cat in your house unless it is also positive for the same disease. (Shelters love to here of people looking for positive kitties because the only other option is to put them to sleep) He is also at the age to begin spraying if he hasn't already so you need to neuter him asap.

Oh and great job at rescuing him, I wish everyone was as caring as you are.
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How did the visit go?
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I know there is something out there called rescue remedy. It is supposed to calm animals down when going to the vet, ect. It is sold at dr. foster and smith. Good luck.!!
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